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#TransformationTuesday: Akcelerant Talks Then and Now!

By Larry Edgar-Smith 8 Sep 2015

Larry Edgar-Smith | SVP, Product Evangelism


In August of 2014, we launched the Akcelerant Talks blog, spearheaded by myself, Abby Progin and Kelsey Murray. First #TransformationTuesday moment of the blog: Back then our department operated under a different title than “Product Evangelism”, which changed shortly after (Sales Support was so passé), and Akcelerant was half a year away from adding the tagline “a Temenos Company” to our corporate logo!


In the premier Akcelerant Talks blog post, we touched on who we are at Akcelerant, how we “listen to what customers have to say, commit, and deliver.” Through a year’s worth of developments and transformations, this is still an accurate description of who we are. We still take pride in everything we do, we still talk and listen to our customers, we still make commitments to incorporate customer ideas, and we still deliver on them, just like when we delivered the launch of the Akcelerant Talks blog.


So in the spirit of delivering on our commitments (with the highest quality product), we have an exciting announcement for Akcelerant Talks #TransformationTuesday: we will be adding a few new voices to Akcelerant Talks! With the acquisition of Akcelerant by Temenos, customers now benefit from access to additional resources, and that includes additional subject matter experts. Some of them may be new to our followers, but some of them you may know. Either way, keep an eye on the Akcelerant Talks blog next week for these new voices!


This, by no means is an indication that Kelsey, Abby, and I have retired our pens. Quite the contrary, we’ll still be actively blogging… maybe more than usual! The expansion of the team simply allows our readers to take advantage of the power of Temenos as Akcelerant Talks continues to provide and expand upon a full range of industry expertise.

Stay tuned!

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