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CUNA Technology Council Conference | Lemons into Lemonade

By Larry Edgar-Smith 28 Sep 2015

Larry Edgar-Smith | SVP, Product Evangelism

We had a demonstration today that was plagued by some “technical challenges”, shall we say, with the connectivity.

But as a result of that, we had a number of people stop by our booth at the conference to see what they missed. It’s a great chance to have intimate conversations with our customers to show them all the great things that our Akcelerant technology and Virtual Capture can do!

Please stop by the Akcelerant booth at CUNA at 10:45 or 12:30 on Tuesday, 9/29 for a re-broadcast of the presentation, and Abby and myself will walk through the Virtual Capture Omni-Channel experience in a little less than 5 minutes. Here, you can not only see what we wanted to show you on the big screen, but be able to ask real-time questions. See you soon!

Akcelerant Talks - Lemons Lemonade

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