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Weapon of Access - Part 2

By Temenos reporter 23 Nov 2015

A few hours later Sam checked his new PensRUs bank account. The money he had taken had already arrived. He couldn’t wait to see his fiancée’s face when he gave her the ring that evening, so he made his excuses to go for lunch early and rushed out of the office to buy it. But just as he was leaving Jane was standing in the doorway with her manager Pierre.

‘Sam, can we have a quick word?’ she demanded. ‘Come and have a look at this’. Jane lead Sam into her office where he noticed that Neha from HR was also sitting. Sam felt a heavy feeling in his stomach; he knew Jane couldn’t know about the transaction but still felt unsettled. He acknowledged Neha and Pierre trying not to make much eye contact with either.

‘Please take a seat. We wanted to talk to you because Pierre and his senior management have received an email message saying that one of our customers transactions may be suspicious’ said Jane

We received a notification from our new “Insider Fraud system” this morning flagging that Janes’ credentials were used to create a new account from your machine but she wasn’t in the office and therefore didn’t ‘badge on’ this morning. Sam took a deep breath and shifted uneasily in his seat.

‘Can you explain to us how Jane’s has been able to create a new account without reaching the office? And in addition from your machine? What did you do Sam?’ says Jane. Sam sat and stared blankly.

Jane added ‘Pierre is currently using the forensic capabilities of the system to trace the transaction and spot who created the new Account PensRUs’. It’s a matter of minutes to understand what happened. So if there is anything that you know, or want to say Sam, now is the time’

Sam couldn’t believe it. He didn’t know there was software that was intelligent enough to alarm his managers of even the slightest change in behaviour. How could the core banking system talk to the login interface to identify Jane wasn’t in the office!

Sam phoned his fiancée Claire ‘Darling, I might be home late tonight. Oh and have you put that deposit down yet on the hall for the wedding? No? Well perhaps we should wait a while, we need to be sure we can afford it and I think the next few months are going to be difficult’.

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