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Weapon of Access - Part I

By Temenos reporter 18 Nov 2015

Sam Gower crouches behind the computer screen frantically amending the entry displayed before him. How different Sam’s working day was now. Just days before he had taken a call from a corporate customer. A standard bank transaction that needed amending. Something that Sam’s boss Jane did frequently for him. However, this time Jane had to leave early to pick up her daughter Molly and entrusted Sam. Armed with Janes security details, Sam could service the customer and Jane could collect Molly on time. It was that simple.

Days after Sam couldn’t help but think about all the large corporate customers that he spoke to. How easy it was to view their many accounts and the thousands of transactions they undertook everyday. Sam couldn’t remember the number of times that customers didn’t know their balance or had forgotten a transaction; they’d never miss a few hundred dollars going missing.

Using Janes details, Sam easily gains access to Office Planet’s accounts. He knows that they have just gone through a merger with Stationary City, a competitor, and are having all sorts of issues merging their accounts departments and systems. Plus the business has so many suppliers to pay, they’ll never notice a small transaction to another account. So Sam sets up a payment $400 from Office Planet to a new account he has set up under the bogus name of PensRUs and clicks SEND.

It’s done. A wave of relief fills Sam; that was so easy, he can now buy his fiancée the ring she always wanted and really no one will notice $400 missing. Or will they?

To find what happened access the next installment.

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