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A Better Gift Than an Infinity Scarf

By Larry Edgar-Smith 31 Dec 2015

Larry Edgar-Smith | SVP, Product Evangelism

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season to one and all!

Every now and then, you get that special present for which you may have been wishing, or may not even have known you needed. Well, this year, the gift we received (and would like to share with you) is not just anotherinfinity scarf, it’s a truly special gift that will last much longer than that latest fashion trend. This unique gift came in two parts:

Part 1
Part of the gift arrived back in February of this year when we became part of Temenos. In my earlier blog, “Welcome to the Temenos Family!” I wrote the following:

Temenos is committed to our customers, products and our people within the company. The Akcelerant executive team is staying intact and will continue to lead within Akcelerant and Temenos, USA. Equally as important, Akcelerant and Temenos are committed to Akcelerant’s product roadmap, and we remain dedicated to enhancing our products based on our customers’ needs. Temenos is actually adding resources to our company.

That is as true today as it was when I first wrote it. The commitment that Temenos and Jay made is being kept and we see it in action every day, and in everything we do!

Part 2
Readers of this blog know that we appreciate the folks from Cornerstone Advisors and their alter ego,GonzoBanker. They provide insights that are astute and intelligent and sometimes challenging to the status quo. They cause us to work a few extra muscles when they are involved in a software solution evaluation, but it’s all for the good of the customer so we never mind. Plus they are generally nice folks. And this year, in theirGonzoBanker Vol. 15.28 – 2015 Awards Edition, the acquisition of Akcelerant by Temenos was mentioned:

Interesting-Inroads Acquisition Award
TEMENOS on the acquisition of Akcelerant. While the non-US core providers had continued difficulty making U.S. inroads, TEMENOS went where the growth is: strategic apps like loan origination and collections. Hats off to Jay Mossman and his team for building a heck of a story at Akcelerant. Now, where are all those U.S. T24 deployments?

The “present” is not just being noted by the world-famous writers at GonzoBanker, it is being a part of something special, something truly unique, something that will, over time, improve our industry. I know this in my heart of hearts, because I am a part of it, as are all of we Temenosians.

So, indeed, hats off to Jay for all that he did while at the helm of Akcelerant and all that he will do at Temenos. Additionally, Hope for the future and a big ‘Thank You’ for all you’ve done in the past to Jay, David, George, Eric, Mark (Mossman, Arnott, Koukis, Snyder, and Price respectively) and everyone at Temenos! We are looking forward to all those U.S. T24 deployments as well as those Framework product deployments. Thanks to my team and all of my peers at Temenos for all you do (above and beyond) to make us successful… and for putting up with my occasional idiosyncratic comportment. ;)

In closing Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus and so on, and a Happy New Year to all of our customers in the states and worldwide and to all of your families. May the gifts you receive be as great as mine.

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