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What a great day here in Ft. Lauderdale! The 21st CUNA Annual Lending Council Conference got into full swing today. The audience of over 500 attendees is wonderful, as is the food (especially the key lime pie). But the best part is the sessions. They are fantastic! Today alone featured 18 sessions, with topics ranging from MBL to economic updates, to emotional intelligence (your #1 Success Factor, by the way), to my personal favorite, “Big Data and the Zombie Apocalypse”. John Best of President, Best Innovation Group of Denver, CO held the audience rapt on this topic with a very interesting approach: How useful will the things we do today be when the Zombie Apocalypse finally hits? Will you be more like Rick, Darryl or Carol, or more like Beth, Laurie or Shane? Or Glenn?

Below is an overview of the session:
In the future, opportunities are sparse. It no longer rains free interchange from the sky. You’re competing with entities like The Lending Club and Prosper to find food for your village. How will you survive? How will you differentiate yourself from the competitors going after the same resources as you? You must master the skills to survive. Find out why analytics is not a product, but a discipline to be learned that just might save your back…

He emphasizes that “digital is not a product, it is a discipline”. Indeed!

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