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The current period is the most challenging in living memory for banks. They are beset by a heavy regulatory burden, demanding capital requirements, and the emergence of new business models stemming from digitization and changing customer expectations. 

But at the same time, there’s never been a better time to be tracking the disruptive change in this sector, and looking at constructive ways in which this disruption can be forged and shaped into successful banking models for the 21st century.

Welcome, then, to the Temenos blog. Our mission is to help the banking industry become more profitable. We do this by helping banks to move away from legacy software and provide flexible platforms to build rich, interactive and personalised interfaces for their customers, staff and partners. We stand for banks offering the best experiences and services they can to their demanding and technically-savvy customers.

The benefits of using a modern software backbone to banking are clear. Research shows that Temenos customers are more agile, able to offer more personalized products and services, to operate at lower unit costs and to manage risk better. They also enjoy stronger operating metrics than their peers.

We have invested more than $1bn in creating great banking products, for the front- and back-office, in payments, wealth management, forex, unsecured lending, business analytics and other channels. We have developed the largest network of partners in the industry, and more than 450 million banking customers rely on Temenos software for their daily needs.

This blog is a forum for what’s happening in the banking industry, especially in those areas where innovation and trend-changing behaviour are shaping the competitive landscape.

Our aim is to stimulate debate and conversation. So in coming months, expect to see blogs related to our own white papers, pieces about our own events such as the Temenos Customer Forum in Istanbul in May, and our view on outside events, where we will discuss the future of banking from mobile channels to customer-driven innovation.

You will also find comment and analysis on sectoral news developments and themes that might include, for example, the challenge of big data to banks; the migration of banking to the cloud; generational trends in financial services; the push from new digital companies into financial services; the changing regulatory environment; cyber security and much more.

Be part of the conversation. We want your feedback, and all comments are welcome.

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