Successful migration is all about choosing the right route

Mark Gunning discusses how banks can successfully migrate with the three routes to core banking transformation. Big Bang, Build a Migrate and Progressive Migration...

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Aktia’s tips for keeping core banking transformation simple

In Autumn 2012, after years of planning, Aktia, Finland's fourth largest bank, kicked off the process of selecting a technology provider to support them in their core banking system transformation.

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Answer these 7 questions before rebuilding your bank!

A new technology platform will more than likely be in place a decade from now, so choosing the right one is uniquely long-term decision.

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How to…rebuild your bank, part 2

The old adage 'fail to plan, plan to fail' is spot on for a banking system renewal project.

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How to… rebuild your bank, part 1

Unless a bank has renewed its core banking system within the last ten years it's more than likely it would benefit from modern technology to put it on a stronger footing

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