SEPA Instant Credit Enablement – A Worthwhile Challenge to traditional cross border payments?

SEPA Instant Credits (SEPA Inst.) has the potential to revolutionise the European payments market and is set to go live in November 2017

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Better cash visibility is within reach

Corporate customers increasingly have multiple accounts and a presence across borders, making it hard for banks to provide real time visibility of their liquidity position.

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Blockchain: unlocking its potential in commercial banking

Rather than fear blockchain technology commercial banks should engage with it to understand its potential to deliver efficiencies and reduce risks.

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The Ripple effect: what’s the impact on banking?

a stir in the fintech technology from Ripple Labs. They are a great case study in how banks can leverage emerging technology to make existing processes – payments in this case – more efficiently.

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AI in payments…

Lets first look at AI's goal - to do what humans do, more efficiently and faster.

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Time for US banks to embrace real-time payments

When the subject of US banking comes up, Wall Street, innovative multi-billion-dollar deals, and cutting-edge technology might come to mind. The reality, however, is a bit different.

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Can blockchain really snatch up to 40% of your revenue?

Last year, a blockchain research arm of the South African bank, Rand Merchant Bank's (RMB), stated at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, that the technology could take up to 40% of a bank's...

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Payments: supporting the needs of Dutch banks

An Interview with Darryl Proctor, Product Director – Payments, Temenos

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