Artificial intelligence: coming soon to a service near you

The prospect of lower costs and bigger markets is driving the adoption of AI in retail banking and wealth management, writes Aggie Anthimidou.

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Artificial Intelligence, a no brainer?

Artificial intelligence has moved beyond science fiction to become firmly embedded in our lives to make them easier

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Technology: the new fuel in wealth management relationship banking

Wealth management clients prioritise relationships, so technology companies must work to strengthen that bond

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The March of Robo Advisers

While not everyone is yet happy to hand over the management of their wealth to computers, their ability to offer consistent, relevant advice will eventually win the day, writes Aggie Anthimidou

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How likely is a customer to leave his wealth manager?

What are the chances of a customer leaving a wealth manager? On the surface, it seems the answer might be guesswork based on a vague sense of that investor's complex history.

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AI and the Modern Wealth Manager

How artificial intelligence is creating a personalized investing experience

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