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Financial Services

Leading edge software for the Wealth and Mortgage industries

In today’s 24/7 world customers and clients are demanding more from their financial service providers than ever before. Having the right software solutions that enable your business to respond to these demands and stay ahead of the ever increasing pace of change is critical.

We’re committed to helping you improve your customers’ experience and engagement with our innovative technology solutions. Add to this the benefits of in-built compliance measures, and improved productivity, ultimately our leading Wealth and Mortgage solutions drive increased profitability.

Temenos Australia - Wealth Software Solutions

Wealth solutions that enable industry professionals to run and manage their businesses efficiently across a range of services across digital finance, robo, scaled and comprehensive advice offering, including:

  • Goals Based Advice 
  • Client Engagement Tools
  • Portfolio Management
  • Personal Insurance
  • Document Generation
  • Revenue Management
  • Business Management
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Cash flow modelling

Harness the power of Robo-advice to create profitable customer relationships

Advanced algorithms & optimisation engines that offer the industry's broadest suite of robo-advice, scaled and comprehensive digital advice solutions. The result is an increase in customer acquisition and retention, and a reduction in the cost of doing business.

As part of your full-service product offering, robo-advice technology can help introduce customers to your higher value services.

Smart, intuitive tools make you the expert

Our mortgage and wealth technology is intuitive. Using the software, advisers can recommend the best solution for each customer based on intelligent analytics. And because it's so easy to use, less training is required to get financial planners and mortgage brokers up and running.

Tailored systems to suit your organisation

Drawing on our reliable platforms we tailor solutions to suit your organisation's needs.

Compliance Assured

The financial services industry is plagued by regulatory uncertainty. Security is paramount for customers and institutions in every financial transaction. With complex transactions, there is an increased risk of compliance breaches. Even manual processes are exposed to human error and are difficult to track.

The leading fintech solutions help Financial Services institutions manage the significant challenges imposed by the industry's regulatory environment. Through active monitoring and reporting of compliance risks in a centralised, systemised solution, your risk is significantly reduced.

Financial Services Products

Our tailored solutions are grounded in our range of proven wealth, collections and mortgage products.


Mortgage Origination & Loan Management Software (eLodge+)

We have an integrated mortgage sales process module, enabling the submission of electronic loan applications to over 15 lenders in the Australian marketplace. It facilitates a seamless connection between lenders and their distribution channels, supporting straight through processing, reducing re-work and improving the holistic customer experience.

Electronic lodgement made easy

Electronic lodgement no longer needs to be difficult as we enable you to connect to your lender partners directly from your very own CRM system.

Our fully functioning lender gateway API is designed to allow Brokers, Aggregators and Third Party Intermediaries to submit data sourced via your own CRM System without the need to “double data enter” for validation purposes.

Your brokers, never have to leave your in-house systems again.

Financial Planning Software (COIN)

A comprehensive financial planning software platform with an integrated suite of modules for client engagement, reporting, research and modelling of strategies for insurance, investments, superannuation and retirement. It also has advice document generation, workflow and customer relationship management capabilities.

Innovative financial planning software

For financial advisers and financial advice practices.

It allows financial advisers to manage client engagement and the execution of their clients’ lifetime financial strategy, securely and within an up-to-date compliant environment with real time intelligence.

Rapid Advice and Client Engagement Software

Much more than a scaled advice solution, Provisio aims to combine powerful illustration and website tools with quick SoA capability across 80% of the advice an adviser provides. It uses powerful optimisers to generate high quality strategies across superannuation, retirement, investments and insurance.

Rated #1 for scaled advice

Our solution is the only multiple winner of the Investment Trends award for best Scaled Advice platform.

Results from investment Trends 2014 Financial Planning Software Report, based on face to face research and audit methodology of 6 planning software applications. 


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Optimization technology

A compelling advice sales tool, as well as a full-service SoA solution meaning your hands-on effort is just minutes per SoA.

Optimisation technology automatically maximises strategy benefits, ensuring the highest-quality advice. Our advice engines run optimisations across the following core areas:

  • Retirement Adequacy
  • Transition to Retirement
  • Contributions Optimiser
  • Investment Choice
  • Insurance
  • Super Comparator

We remove the expensive, time consuming parts of delivering advice, letting your clients see for themselves how small actions can make a big difference to their retirement. Customise our engagement tools with your colours and branding. Optional adviser handover and self-service SoAs can be incorporated to complete the advice process online.

Commercial Loan Servicing, Processing & Administration Software (Symmetry CRM)

An end to end loan management tool designed for Australian mortgage professionals including aggregators, brokers, mortgage managers and originators.

Simple and powerful

The premier loan management tool designed for Australian mortgage professionals.

Simple to use, yet immensely powerful, it provides everything you need to streamline your mortgage business.

Whether you are an aggregator, broker, mortgage manager or originator, we have purpose built functionality to drive your business further. Built to handle every part of a growing lending business, it delivers the very best in loan origination management. 


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Online Revenue Management & Analysis (RRRD)

Making sense of your revenue

Easy Revenue is an online revenue management and analysis solution for financial planning & broking practices.

It quickly and easily allows you to place a dollar value on the relationships you have with clients, team members and referrers: with no clunky spreadsheets.

Easy Revenue provides a wealth of meaningful reporting about your business and team members; reporting that allows you to track your income with ease, and empowers you to make informed business decisions with confidence.

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