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Collections (CWX)

Debt Collection & Management software tailored to suit your Credit Operations
One of the world’s leading Collections & Recoveries software platforms. It is a highly flexible platform aimed at improving credit collections and recovery rates by managing the primary aspects of the end-to-end process.

The platform includes:

• Workflow management software
• Dialler integration
• Marketing campaign management
• Extensive reporting capabilities

Predictive Analytics

Reduces outgoing calls through predictive analytics

Customer Insights

Bespoke customer view across multiple products and relationships

Extensive automated legal workflows. Workflow management and queue allocation
Risk Assessment
Identifies pre-delinquent at-risk accounts

Data Cross-sharing

Enables third party Agencies including legal teams to use the platform using the same data views

Real Time Monitoring

Real time account portfolio and employee performance monitoring 


Managing your Collections processes

Our collections solution allows banks, telcos and other credit managing institutions to build individual processes for the set-up and management of their credit operations.

Intuitive user interfaces allow both the user and manager to change strategy, set up user tables, modify screen design and build an overall software system that complements the collection space of individual organizations, without expensive and difficult software source code customizations.


Collections Products

Our tailored solutions are grounded in our range of proven wealth, collections and mortgage products


End to End Debt Collection & Recovery System

A single platform that consolidates all relevant information of a customer and their accounts to provide a full view of the customer exposure to your organisation. It ensures improved credit collections and recovery rates by managing the primary aspects of the collections and receivables process.


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