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Research and Development

R&D at more than twice the level of our competitors plus deep domain knowledge means software that never becomes legacy

Outspending our peers on R&D...

Temenos consistently spends 20% of its sales on R&D. To put this in perspective, this is more than twice the level of our closest competitors. And because we only make software for banking and finance, all of this money goes on our concentrated product portfolio. As a result, we are able to leverage all of the work we do together with our 3,000+ clients as well as all of innovation from our labs.


...channeled into regular releases

Our software is packaged and easily upgradable. The software that we are continuously building is made available to our customers as part of regular releases. What is more, we offer partial upgrades. So, our customers can upgrade whatever part of their solutions they want, whenever they want. And so they never fall behind and they never risk running legacy software.


Sticking to core principles

Temenos sticks to core principles around its R&D. We keep to principles of re-use, openness and technology agnosticism. This means that all developments are made available to all customers. It means giving our customers choice over what technology they run and never locking them into a particular stack. And it means allowing third-parties to develop on our platform to give our accelerate innovation and ensure our customers always have access to the best technology and functionality


A proud record of innovation

Our philosophy could be summed up as constant functional enhancements coupled with constantly evolving technology. Whereas we keep adding functional richness, we have made major technological leaps. We are proud for example that we were the first fintech vendor to run on open systems, to have a true 24x7 platform (with no batch), the first to put core processing into the public cloud and to have all services as RESTful


Solutions for a connected world

One of our latest innovations has been to move all of our product families into open, integrated solutions for the different vertical markets we serve. Called suites, these solutions provide our clients with real-time, end to end solutions. They allow for maximum operational efficiency with maximum front office differentiation. They enable financial institutions to offer the instant fulfilment that customers expect in a digital world. They also enable rich, seamless customer experiences where the right services, personalized to individuals, are offered at the right time and through the right channel.