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Investing in Our Communities

As a global corporation, we are committed to supporting and enhancing the quality of life of the communities where our employees, partners, and clients live and work. By using our technology and resources, offering financial support, sharing our business expertise as well as the passion, effort and talent of our employees, collaborating with clients and Partners, we are making positive, measurable contributions to the local communities, while responding in times of need.

Our Approach

  • corporate monetary contributions
  • corporate monetary contributions that complement the donations or volunteer efforts of our employees
  • corporate donations of used IT equipment
  • employee fundraising (volunteering their time and/or money) and
  • volunteering (donation of professional service, management expertise, skills and time to non-profit organizations or local communities).

At Temenos we are looking for ways to go beyond financial resources and consider how to make best use of our assets, resources, expertise, advocacy, and relationships to support and enhance the local communities. In addition, we aim to align our community investment with our mission and the strategic issues of our business to create shared value. We look for Partners rather than as the principal actor in promoting local development and creating long term benefits and sustainable results that can outlast Company support.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Poverty Alleviation and Local Economic Development
  • Children
  • Youth Development
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Environment
  • Emergency Relief

Poverty alleviation and economic development: 

India CSR Program

India is a material location for Temenos as it represents 52% of our total employee concentration. Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and enhancing India’s competitiveness in the global economy.

In 2017, Temenos launched a comprehensive CSR program in India “Adopt iT” to help improve the quality of secondary education in India and eventually access to quality education for more. The concept was to identify secondary schools in need (government-aided schools – privately managed) and use technology to enable social change. Our goal was to provide young students from disadvantaged local communities with digital skills and capabilities and help them unleash future opportunity and gain access to jobs, health and finance.

In 2017, Manur Chengalvaraya Naidu Higher Secondary School was identified and the first pilot project was implemented. In 2018 after a due diligence process of nine schools in total, two schools were selected in Chennai and Bangalore. St. Columba’s Higher Secondary School is located in Chennai, 55 kilometers from one of the Chennai Temenos offices. The school has 1,127 students (313 girls and 814 boys). The second school, Government Kannada Higher Primary School is located in Bangalore, 4.5 kilometers from our office in Bangalore. The 91-year-old school has 172 students.

During 2017-2018, through the Temenos Adopt iT project, we built computer labs in three schools in India. In addition, we focused our actions on encouraging gender equality and inclusive education for all, by building girls’ restrooms in two schools in India, helping girls stay in school and gain equal access to education and opportunities in life. Global research has shown that by providing water, hygiene and sanitation facilities in schools, children’s regularity to school can be substantially improved, as they will have fewer illnesses due to water borne infections and in the long term, it has the potential to reduce drop-out rates, especially among girls, in upper primary and secondary school levels.

Our Temenos India employees volunteered their time and skills during the initial phase to help with the setup of the computer labs and throughout the year, by teaching more than 1,500 students about computers, as well as art.


Watch and share the video that tells the story of what we have done at MCN School and St. Columba’s School in Chennai




In cooperation with leading non-profit organizations in the communities where we operate, Temenos organizes and supports initiatives that help improve the living conditions of children irrespective of their color, race, religion, nationality, or socio-economic status, by providing them with a healthy start and the opportunity to learn, while advocating and protecting their basic human rights and providing them with emotional and psychological support.


Give A Smile Project - Romania

For more than 12 years, Temenos has been supporting the School for Children with Hearing Disabilities in Bucharest, Romania, in collaboration with Rotary Pipera Club from Rotary International. In December 2018, in line with the “Give a Smile” project, Temenos Romania volunteers accompanied 30 primary school children with hearing disabilities to do Christmas shopping and choose their presents. These children come from very low-income families and they live in the boarding school.

Youth Development: 

‘Journée Oser tous les Métiers’– Switzerland:

In November 2018, our Temenos Lausanne employees organized ‘Journée Oser tous les Métiers’. The goal was to ‘expose’ Temenos employees’ children to a real working environment and introduce them to ‘genderneutral’ careers that were traditionally deemed female or male. During the day, the children met with Temenos employees from different departments such as Human Resources, Administration, IT, Business Analysis, Product Management, Development and Testing. Apart from that, the children had the opportunity to simulate a recruitment interview, participate in dismantling and reassembling a laptop and even develop their own game using Scratch program.

Inspiring kids to be future ready! – Singapore: 

In November 2018, our Temenos Singapore employees organized internally an activity to inspire young minds into computational and creative thinking. They invited children, especially from less privileged backgrounds for a day of learning and fun. With the collaboration of Future Ready Academy, they tried to give these kids a glimpse of the future and hopefully ignite their interest on key areas like robotics, coding, AI and all things digital.


For more information: Temenos Annual Report 2018