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Corporate Social Responsibility


As a global corporation, we want to actively support the societies in which we are operating, and many of our people work with local community and charitable organisations.

We have focused our donations on organisations that work with children and young people, as it is our view that supporting children will ultimately benefit the entire community. With this philosophy as a foundation, the executive management reviews proposals from employees for suitable charities and organisations based on various criteria including impact, reach, efficiency and overlap with our international presence, in conjunction with our local business operations.

We currently support three organisations – The Global Fund for Children (GFC), the School for Children with Hearing Disabilities and 'Save a Child's Heart'. GFC finds and invests in local organisations in numerous countries that support and care for some of the most vulnerable children in the world – a truly global organisation with a strong local impact. The School for Children with Hearing Disabilities and 'Save a Child's Heart' are both located in Romania, where Temenos has a large presence including a significant number of employees.


'Save a Child's Heart' project

Temenos is one of the main sponsors of 'Save a Child's heart', which was established to assist children with cardiac condition in Romania.

  • Over 1,000 children are born with cardiac disorders in Romania annually;
  • Over 20,000 children in Romania need heart surgery, 1,500 of which are in critical condition and require emergency surgery; and
  • 5,000 children with cardiac disorders die every year in Romania because they are misdiagnosed and treated too late. The initiative aims to train medical teams for the new Center of Excellence for Cardiac Surgery and Neurosurgery at the 'Grigore Alexandrescu' Hospital.
  • An 8 member team of Romanian surgeons has already been trained in Wolfson Hospital (Israel) in heart surgery for new born babies and another team is currently in training at the same hospital. All training costs are funded by this project;
  • The training program will continue at the Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital. The teams trained in Israel will train other specialists in the country, leading to an yearly increase of the number of lives saved;
  • As the accurate diagnosis of newborns is a critical issue, in June 2015 two series of training were held for 90 neonatal doctors from across the country; and
  • A teaching and medical training facility will be created within the clinic at the Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital for young surgeons to learn alongside the team from Bucharest, become specialised in this field and apply the new surgical intervention techniques throughout the country.


School for Children with Hearing Disabilities

The purpose of this project, which started in 2001 and is located in Bucharest, is to improve the lives of children with severe hearing deficiencies. Thanks to this initiative, all the children from the first grade receive the latest digital hearing aids with FM receptors. Every class receives special FM transmitters used by teachers to transmit information as clearly as possible. The sound is sent directly to the hearing aids of the children, greatly improving the sound quality. This makes it possible for the children to understand the lessons – without this equipment, this simply would not happen.


The Global Fund for Children

The Global Fund for Children (GFC) helps children who have fallen through the cracks. GFC goes where others don't – the tent camps of Haiti, the red-light districts of Phnom Penh, and the plains of Mongolia. There, GFC finds and invests in locally based organisations that provide children with what they need to be safe, healthy, educated, and cared for. Since 1997, GFC has awarded over USD 35m in grants to more than 600 organisations in 78 countries, touching the lives of nearly 10m children worldwide.

GFC looks for organisations that do not have access to funding but have the potential to achieve great things for children in their communities. Next, GFC provides small yet powerful infusions of capital. These investments, made early in the development of a grassroots organisation, can be just the lever needed to grow critical community programs.

GFC provides its grassroots partners with management assistance, capacity-building expertise, and networking opportunities to help them grow. GFC also multiplies every dollar it invests by introducing its partners to other donors. Last year alone, GFC helped them secure an additional USD 900,000 from other funders.

Together, these strategic investments and services add up to big change: strong grassroots organisations that are transforming children's lives, their communities, and civil society as a whole.

The best people in the industry

Our people

Our people are the most important asset of Temenos. Our people and products are the best in the industry and differentiate Temenos from its competitors.

At Temenos, we pride ourselves in maintaining a variety of cultures and expertise through our people. Through such diversity we have a dynamic work environment in which we continue to gather a wealth of knowledge that contributes to our commercial success.

Today we employ over 4,400 people (4,000 as at 31 December 2014) across 63 office locations in 41 countries.

Consistent success in our fast paced, demanding sector, is only achievable with a team of highly committed and talented people. We strongly believe in adding value every day and we want our employees to feel the same.


Excellence through professionalism

Our people are supported by a strong management team and policies which guide our approach and behaviours to protect the interests of our customers, partners, fellow colleagues and shareholders alike.

We have developed a range of complementary programmes focused on staff welfare, engagement and satisfaction. The common aspects of all programmes are our four pillars – Communication, Development, Recognition and Performance Enablement. These represent the key areas of focus that drive commitment and productivity in the Temenos staff community.

The way in which we work is vital to us and we strive to achieve professionalism, discipline, integrity and a practical, people-centric approach.


Diversity and equal opportunity

Temenos is guided by principles of integrity, professionalism and business ethics in all its activities. Temenos' policy has always been to follow all laws and regulations applicable to the countries in which it operates. We are following those principles not only to maintain our good reputation, or because our clients and investors request it, but because it is the right thing to do.

At Temenos we pride ourselves in promoting a diverse and dynamic work environment, with 91 nationalities represented within the company. We mandate an equal opportunity approach for all, regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, marital status, disability, age and religious belief.


End-to-end customer-centricity has remained Temenos' top corporate value through the years and customer success continues to be Temenos' over-riding priority.

Our Temenos Customer Voice programme, which was launched in 2012, is our client satisfaction and loyalty programme based on industry standard 'Net Promoter' principles. The programme covers all products and regions and is owned by our Chief Executive Officer.

The programme is critical to Temenos as it enables us to track and analyse our clients' perception of their experience of working with Temenos. It is supported at both a management board level and regional level, with the customer satisfaction process itself being led by a cross-departmental team with members from Marketing, Support and Services teams. The Temenos Customer Voice programme was first launched with an initial survey in February 2012. It is based on the 'Net Promoter' methodology, which is currently used by many B2B organisations and has proven to be very successful as an approach for firms with multiple B2B relationships. The discipline of Net Promoter goes deeper than just tracking a metric, it is a whole system designed to operationalise customer data throughout the organisation enabling change and improving customer experiences.

Temenos invites its entire client base annually, across its full range of products and platforms, to participate in a detailed relationship survey. Since its launch, we have seen a large improvement in our Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Customers receive updates on Temenos initiatives and activities through various mediums, from specific updates and newsletters to our annual Temenos Community Forum. Since the programme was launched, we have seen a significant improvement in our Net Promoter Score and our customers have shown their support and approval of the programme.

Since the Improve Client Satisfaction project was launched, our NPS has improved by 16.2 percentage points in 24 months (as of 31/12/2015). Our overall NPS has improved by over 30 percentage points since the metric was introduced. Our satisfaction scores across the board have also followed this trend. To date we have completed six survey waves, collecting over 3,200 surveys through a third party provider. In 2015, we thanked our customers for their participation by donating to charity for every survey submission and with their help, we were able to donate over £5,500 to one of the charities we support, The Global Fund for Children.

Focusing on a sustainable business


Access to finance is integral to social economic development.

Without access to basic financial services the poor are locked out of the formal economy, unable to gain control over their own economic future. People need to be able to save and to borrow for business, education and all of the unexpected turbulence caused by health emergencies or other set-backs. Without an account to save in a financial form, the poor resort to saving in the form of livestock or other tangibles which cannot be employed to the needs of the family or community.

Microfinance is the business of financial intermediation for the poor. Financial inclusion is the more contemporary language. Temenos supports financial intermediaries on the frontier of formal financial markets in Africa, Latin America, Central Europe and elsewhere, commercial banks have either no means or interest in serving such relatively low value accounts. We have learned through more than 20 years of business experience that both the bank customer and the bank have costs that can be reduced through the efficient use and innovative adaptation of modern technology.

The Internet has been a great boon for microfinance. Temenos has been able to build on its experience with network partners such as Opportunity International, Vision Fund, ACCION, MicroCred, as well as numerous individual microfinance banks, NGOs, cooperatives and other non-bank financial institutions to develop our microfinance solutions.

Through the internet and in alliance with Microsoft, Temenos enables its Core Banking system to run as a service reaching ever smaller, more remote microfinance intermediates and outlaying branches and agents. Through the integration of specialised channel technology, we can now extend banking services to the poorest in the most remote regions on smart devices, dropping costs for both the client and the customer so as to make banking the poorest a viable and sustainable business.

Continued effort to reduce transaction costs brings formal finance to ever more communities in the world, enabling the business of social economic development activities centered around micro enterprise development, microfinance and associated the development benefits of financial literacy, education, improved health and economy.