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Temenos Academy

What is Temenos Sales Academy?

In 2016 we recruited young professionals from all over the world with either a financial or technology background and developed them into our next generation of Sales and Business Solutions talents through the launch of our new Sales Academy. 

The Sales Academy delivered a very innovative training programme. It was designed to provide the foundation our trainees needed to jump-start their sales or presales careers and enable them to rapidly learn and grow within Temenos. 

The first two editions of the Sales Academy has been hugely successful, laying the groundwork for great opportunities in 2018. We are therefore glad to announce the programme will continue this year on a larger scale.

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2017 Sales Academy – Facts

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 2016 Sales Academy – Facts & Figures

Sales Academy 2018 – A Bright Future

We are looking for talented trainees to join us starting September 2018 in one of 5 available roles:

A bright future

Temenos Sales Academy – fast track your Fintech career!

Temenos Sales Academy is a program designed for recent graduates in Business, Finance, Tech or IT

The Temenos Sales Academy has been a wonderful experience for our trainees. But don't take our word for it, read a few of their testimonials below. 

"We learned how the banking industry is managed around the world, how important technology is for the banks' development, and how systems work, in a short period of time. Also it was great to make friends with colleagues around the world, coming from different countries with different points of view." – Maria Endara Lopez, Functional Business Solution Trainee

"Sharing this experience with other colleagues from all over the world makes this experience even more interesting and challenging. Besides discovering different cultures, I also improved my communication and team working skills, which are essential while working for Temenos. The Temenos Sales Academy is a great chance for all young talents to develop their careers within the fintech sector. I would recommend it to everyone who is open, willing to learn and likes challenges!" – Ludwika Dec, Functional Business Solution Trainee

"In only two months, I feel like I learned as much as in a Finance Master Degree. The program is really intense in both hard skills and soft skills. I strongly believe the Temenos Sales Academy will help me become an efficient and effective salesperson in a short period of time." – Lorenzo Chapuis, Sales Trainee

"Participating in the Sales Academy was a good way to deepen my understanding on the subjects I have previously worked on and expand them on to new ones. This has also given a new impetus to my career in a new work environment and with a good basis of knowledge in order to enable me to reach my future objectives. For all these reasons I would recommend the Temenos Sales Academy for new or young workers." – Marie Brodbeck, Functional Business Solution Trainee