The Temenos CEO Navigator

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The Temenos CEO Navigator is an Industry-leading program with insights from over 100 banks to help banks optimize their technology investments and boost profitability. It is a subscription-based customer value benchmarking and advisory service that gives C-level banking executives unique insights on how to optimize their technology investments to drive business value.

The consultative, survey-based strategic service enables banks to discover the drivers of performance and value creation, and provides the business and IT metrics they need to track and improve profitability. It is built on Temenos’ proprietary value benchmark program with over 100 participating retail, corporate and private banks from across the world.

The CEO Navigator uses over 50,000 data points on financial and operational metrics as well as qualitative best practices across the entire banking value chain irrespective of what solutions the bank runs, to provide banking leaders exclusive insights and Temenos industry know-how. They can assess how specific banking best practices and solution capabilities drive high performance in terms of healthier cost-income ratios and improved returns on equity.

Temenos CEO Navigator’s analysis has revealed that banks that have digitally transformed their business and moved away from legacy systems are able to differentiate across five key pillars: innovation and growth; customer centricity; operational efficiency; risk and compliance; and advanced analytics. Temenos CEO Navigator tracks and provides metrics and best practices across these five pillars to help drive banking performance. For example, if a bank improves its proportion of IT spend on growth and innovation to top quartile by 58% then it should also have a lower cost to income ratio and see an increase in profitability.

Kanika Hope, Chief Strategy Officer, Temenos, said:

“Temenos CEO Navigator is an industry-leading customer advisory service that distills Temenos’ almost 30 years of banking IP into powerful business insights for our clients. Every insight delivered to the bank is completely software-agnostic and based on interactive sessions between the bank’s executives and our strategy consultants across the entire banking value chain. This program is unique in terms of reach, number and type of banks and the depth of data, and offers executive teams a blueprint on how to run a successful bank.”

After analyzing over 100 banks, the Temenos CEO Navigator reveals that top performing banks using the Temenos open platform for composable banking have achieved industry-leading cost-income ratios, which are half the industry average, and returns on equity, which are almost three times higher than the industry average.

As part of the Temenos CEO Navigator service, banks receive a customized report comparing their business performance with their peers, annual updates of the report as well as access to the overall benchmark trends and insights that will be updated every year. The bank also takes a seat on the Temenos Customer Advisory Board, which enables them to influence the company’s future technology roadmap. Furthermore, the bank becomes part of the Temenos Ambassador Program gaining automatic access to the Temenos Community Forum, the company’s flagship event.

Customer testimonials

“Temenos has a wealth of insights and information on banks worldwide”

Bank of Kigali

“These are questions that are really relevant to us as leaders of organsiations as well as our executive comittee and our board members, to make sure we are investing in the right places”

Temenos Value Benchmark Program - 2 office workers in a conference room

“The benchmark has been very well viewed by all levels of management and operations of the bank, including IT. We have the expectation that it will allow us to access best market practices on the use of the functionalities associated with Temenos Transact.”

IT Director, Bank in LATAM
Private wealth technology and banking trends in Asia

“This is a zero risk engagement for me to identify how can I improve my business. I don’t see this benchmark as another sales tool that software vendors offer because Temenos has the right people who are consultants and not sales people to conduct the exercise.”

CEO, Bank in Asia Pacific
Prior Express Consent under the TCPA

“I am quite pleased to see my bank is included by Temenos in their list of top strategic clients for this benchmark program which reflects strong partnership with Temenos, which is getting more strategic as we move along.”

CIO, Bank in Middle East
How You Confirm a Successor in Interest's Identity and Interest

“This whole exercise was invaluable. It is very strategic and brings new perspectives for future growth.”

Head of Banking Systems Operations, Bank in Africa
Complaint Management Triage

“It was a very interesting and engaging session, and you touched upon all the pain points I have today.”

Director of Marketing, Bank in Africa

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