One of Egypt’s most forward-thinking banks, MIDBANK is looking to expand its customer base among individuals, SMEs, and corporations. At the same time, the bank aims to increase financial inclusion across Egypt, which currently stands at around 33 percent. To reach its growth objectives, MIDBANK will deploy Temenos Transact and Temenos Infinity to deliver agile, high-touch, high-tech core and digital banking capabilities. Temenos Model Bank functionality will accelerate the implementation and simplify compliance with local regulations, while the open platform will enable MIDBANK to integrate with innovative fintech solutions to support ongoing enhancements to its customer services. In particular, the Temenos solutions will help the bank to take advantage of exceptionally high mobile penetration rates in Egypt with revamped digital and online banking services.

“MIDBANK’s vision dedicates significant focus to developing the technological infrastructure and thus ensuring its readiness to launch the latest cutting-edge banking products and services to customers. The new partnership with Temenos is nothing but a reflection of our new slogan, “Empowering your Future”, where expanding the technological and digital services is the current game-changer”

Sameh Montaser, Chairman Consultant for Digital Transformation and Restructuring, MIDBANK