FlowBank promises “Seriously Simple Swiss Banking” that makes it easy for investors to manage their portfolio. After gaining a banking license in July 2020, the Geneva-based operation now wants to go to market by the end of the year.To achieve this, FlowBank selected Temenos Transact on the Temenos Banking Cloud to provide core banking capabilities. Once launched, the bank will allow clients to use a single, multi-currency digital account to manage their funds, as well as accessing credit services and an investment platform that enables trading across more than 50 international markets. By embracing a cloud-based model with Temenos, FlowBank will be able to scale operations seamlessly in line with rising customer volumes, while optimizing cost-efficiency. This will help it to offer highly competitive rates that attract new clients and encourage brand loyalty.

“Temenos advanced cloud technology will enable us to launch fast and offer outstanding and reliable trading and banking experiences to our customers. The Temenos Banking Cloud will support our growth and will enable us to take on established players in the market benefit from a hyper-efficient business model and deliver more value to our investors and competitive prices.”

Charles-Henri Sabet, Founder and CEO, FlowBank