Arab Investment Bank is one of the fastest-growing banks in Egypt, specializing in personal, business, investment, and Islamic banking. To build on its success, the bank initiated a digital transformation to enable differentiated services that are faster, simpler, and more accessible for all Egyptians. Arab Investment Bank selected Temenos Infinity to help power this effort, reducing time-to-market, accelerating customer onboarding, and boosting front-office efficiency. Through Temenos Payments, the bank will consolidate its payments platforms to a single, end-to-end solution. Together with Temenos, Arab Investment Bank is taking another step in its mission to drive economic development and financial inclusion for Egypt’s population.

“Based on Arab Investment Bank strategy, we chose to partner with Temenos to lead our digital transformation, not only because it has the most advanced technology, but also for its strong presence in the region and its reputation for rapid implementation and time to value. With support from Temenos, Arab Investment Bank is on a path to becoming a world-class digital bank. Digital channels are vital to achieving our growth goals and Temenos’ advanced technology will enable us to design and execute a holistic model to support digital acquisition, onboarding, engagement and cross-selling.”

Arab Investment Bank Board of Directors