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UniQ Financial

An integrated view of your business process, financial positions, and performance in real time.


Event Driven Accounting

UniQ is an Event Driven Accounting System. One single transaction such as a supplier invoice, will create one elementary business event. The later one is then processed by the Event Engine to produce multiples enriched business events such as Accounting, Inventory, Payment, Tax and Position events. All these events are then processed by the adequate modules to update the general ledger, the payable ledger, schedule the payment, and update the inventory or the asset register.

UniQ Framework

UniQ Solution offers framework as a common denominator between UniQ Modules and Temenos Core banking system. This is a unique feature that allows an easy and smooth integration with Temenos Core Banking.

UniQ Integration

UniQ is a compromised solution, Once you acquire the UniQ Core that includes UniQ Framework, Event Engine, and The Accounting Interpreter, UniQ Solution can be implemented as you need. UniQ is technology independent and can be integrated with third party system through web services.

Activity Based Costing

UniQ Cost Accounting is the ultimate solution for medium and small Financial Institution to control and manage their cost in an effective and efficient way. UniQ-CA allows the bank to analyse its cost based on both; approach department and cost activity approaches.


UniQ is seen as the only Accounting System designed especially for Financial Institutions. It takes into consideration information about customers, transactions, and counter parties which are relevant for Financial and Managerial Accounting as well as Business Intelligence and Regulatory Reporting.

Inquiry Designer

  • UniQ includes an inquiry design embedded within the journal entry tables; This tool is very flexible, easy to use and allows the download of the selected data in multiple format such as PDF, Excel, XML, etc.

Multi-Business Units

  • All UniQ solutions can be implemented in a multi-business unit environment. Different configurations are possible with one single data base or multiple database models. Every business unit will maintain its own parameters and functional currency.


  • All UniQ Solutions are true multi-currency applications. all transactions are booked with the original currency, UniQ is able to convert the Foreign Currency to the Local Currency with the last know exchange rate. In addition, position accounting is also maintained and revalue at the current exchange rate.


  • UniQ Solutions are all web based applications. They can be accessed from any device with not special software or configuration. Screen format will adapt automatically to the devise used.

UniQ Job Scheduler

  • UniQ includes a job monitoring and scheduler designed to define processes and their execution rules. Example of processes are depreciation of fixed assets, revaluation of foreign currency positions, capture of external accounting date, processes define accounting rules in the accounting engine, etc.

Accounting Reporting Tool

  • UniQ General Ledger includes a reporting tool that is able to define and generate Financial Statement reports such as Balance Sheet, Income Statements, and other reports.

Technology Independent

  • UniQ Solution is Technology Independent, it can be implemented in any environments regardless the hardware, the operating system and the data base management system.

UniQ Cost Accounting is based on the total cost cost approach. Accounting data are initially captured from the General Ledger. Then Additional hidden cost can be calculated and booked, Transfer Pricing can be calculated and booked, and Multi-levels allocation and reallocation entries can be also generated. All processes are automatically managed with UniQ Process scheduler. The UniQ Analytical data bases is centralized in one single table, featured with an inquiry designer and a Pivot Table.

Cost Allocation & Reallocation

  • Charges and Incomes collected can be processed and allocated from different sources to different targets, according to various analysis axes including activities. The allocation processes produces allocation journal entries.
  • Allocation results can in their turns be reallocated from different sources to different target, including customer and transactions. Hence calculating the cost and profit of a single transaction.

Hidden Cost

  • It’s possible to calculate and book in the Analytic Accounting system hidden cost, such as advisory or administrative services provided and not charged to customers.

Transfer Pricing

  • It is also possible to calculated Transfer Pricing based on the weighted average balances of each Accounts/ Contract, Currency, and Interest rate by product.

Profitability Analysis and Simulation

  • Simulation can be performed at both; Budgeted and Actual data. The simulation driver are calculated based on historical data and linear regression analysis model.

UniQ Pivot Table

  • UniQ Pivot Table allows you to present in data in different format, cross dimension analysis, show graphs, and design dashboards.

UniQ Rule Based Accounting Engine can address any accounting issues. It capture accounting data from third party system such as Core Banking, and based on reconfigured rules, event type, and accounting schema, it will generate accounting events and journal entries as required by the bank.

Integrated with Core Banking

  • UniQ RBAE is fully integrated with Core Banking system. All static data created or updated in the Core Banking system are replicated in UniQ Framework. Accounting data is captured and then processed into event and journal entries.

Fully Configurable Accounting Engine

  • The Accounting Engine works based on captured accounting data, event type and accounting schema. An algorithm library rich with multiple processes such as reverse bookings, change value dated bookings into trade dated bookings, process interest paid out of interest accrued, generate collateral off balance sheet bookings, etc.
  • Other Algorithms can be added either by UniQ Team or by the trained Bank employees. this includes provision calculation and bookings, derivative accounting, tax processing, etc.


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