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Income smoothing for the self-employed


Financial Certainty and Stability for the Self-Employed

Trezeo is an award-winning solution that provides financial peace of mind for the growing number of self-employed and gig economy workers by turning unpredictable income into a regular pay cheque. Trezeo tops-up customer income during quiet periods, interest-free, to ensure they receive a consistent pay cheque; provides interest-free income advances to help during emergencies; and helps build savings without having to think about it. Stable income provides a foundation to enable the self-employed to access financial products that other personal customers take for granted like loans, mortgages, disability insurance and pensions.


Financial Inclusion

Provides a platform to deliver products and services to the underserved self-employed sector.

Engage With a New Audience

Enable financial institutions to effectively engage with the self-employed.

New Revenue Opportunity

Deliver a core product to the traditionally underserved self-employed sector and enable cross-selling of further products to these customers.

Data and Innovative Underwriting

Using alternative data sources and models to effectively underwrite the self-employed with variable income. Trezeo leverages both traditional credit data along with alternative data sources including: psychometric analysis to understand customer financial personality, transaction data to understand their financial behaviour, and gig platform data to understand their working behaviours

Easy Backend Integration

Trezeo can operate as a standalone solution, integrated with the T24 platform via the marketplace APIs or a combination of both.


Automatically top-up pay cheques and income advances, when customers earn less than their average (when required).

Automatically save by directly deducting a percentage from their income.

We can integrate with other solution providers – and deduct from source – for products like pensions, insurance, mortgages, etc.

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