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T-Genius – Simple, Fast, Efficient Testing Solution


T-Genius by Dynamis Solutions

Dynamis Solutions is the First Fully Fledged Core Banking and Testing Advisory Company. It was founded by a team of experienced Temenos Consultants with many years of successful projects for core banking systems implementations. Our approach goes beyond testing, to advisory services provided to our Clients ensuring identification of any potential implementation issues together with proposing solutions based on best practices. From the assurance and advisory aspects there is always a need of highly qualified resources to perform efficient and effective testing. Therefore, during the years we have developed a unique testing framework, comprising of exhaustive testing library for the latest releases of Temenos Suites, a library of common challenges and risks. T-Genius is designed to complement Dynamis Solutions’ testing framework with the purpose of increasing the efficiency and maximize the effectiveness of testing.


Easy and Costless Installation

Costless and fast installation. The solution does not require any additional licensed software nor dedicated hardware, and the installation is timeless.

Temenos CBS Implementation and Maintenance

Perfect fit for implementation and upgrades projects, as well as for maintenance and support functions within Financial Institutions utilising Temenos Core Banking, covering testing of core fixes, system and modules upgrades, system enhancements.

Vendor Independent

User definable parameters and variables without Vendor intervention.

Qualified Automated Testing Library

Automated Test scenarios are built by experienced Consultants in Temenos products, are covering the full palette of Temenos suites, and are always enhanced with the latest releases’ functionalities.


Automated Testing Library for latest Temenos Suites releases packaged and available

Modern user interface allowing simple navigation at End User level with the possibility to design easy and fast testing libraries.

Linkage to business requirements documents providing full traceability reporting for manual and automated tests

Detailed execution logs, screenshots per test step, HTML and PDF output, option for video recording.

Tests prerequisites saved as static data, reusable across multiple projects and test phases.

Possibility to input the test data at test level, retrieve test data from Temenos CBS or generate a file (MS Excel) for multiple tests execution.

Possibility to define test suites comprising of multiple tests, validation of consistency and scheduled execution. Environments and Users management with the possibility to run the same test suite in various environments.

Capacity to define different environments and users per environment.

Comprehensive execution tracking reports.

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