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Business payments, eliminate paper checks


Digitizing Business Payments

Business payments are stuck in the dark ages no more. With SnapCheck, businesses can gain all the advantages of digital payments now and say goodbye to using paper checks forever!


Instant Delivery

SnapCheck provides your customers with the safest, easiest, and fastest way to send a check—all they have to do is click “Send.” Their digital check is instantly delivered to the recipient.

Security with Blockchain

When it comes to digital payments, safety and security are critical requirements. That’s why we’re proud to be the world’s first blockchain-enabled digital checking platform. By enabling on-chain settlement, we greatly reduce the risks of fraudulent activity.

Flexible Integration

Incorporating SnapCheck’s paperless payment option into your existing payment process is simple. Use the SnapCheck API to tailor a solution that works best for you and your customers.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

SnapCheck virtually eliminates all the costs and waste associated with paper checks—printing, paper, stamps, envelopes, and more. Feel good knowing your business helps customers reduce expenses by at least 70%. Feel even better knowing those savings are also earth friendly.


92% of businesses still embrace check payments, and your clients are no different. On a regular basis, your clients must transact with vendors, suppliers, employees, and contractors, but the process isn’t always straightforward with paper checks. It’s a series of stressful time-consuming offline steps, and the risk of check fraud is always looming. Check payments can be painless. SnapCheck complements solutions like yours to provide a streamlined process for hassle-free, transparent digital check payments.

Cost Savings

  • SnapCheck’s digital checks can help your clients save up to 70% on costs associated with traditional check payments.

Competitive Edge

  • Meet the demands of millions where your competitors cannot and give your clients a widely preferred payment option with modern improvements.

Faster Payroll

  • Payday can be stressful, even with direct deposit—never mind paper. Payroll with SnapCheck removes the lengthy wait times.

As a financial institution, you understand better than most that supporting a client’s financial success is more than just offering quick and easy fixes. The best approach is offering solutions actually tailored to client needs and business functions. When 92% of businesses predominantly use paper checks, we see that as a need. Partnering with SnapCheck allows you to leverage our proven technology to better support client success—whether it’s treasury management, corporate payments, SMB payments, or bill pay—all under your name and branding. SnapCheck complements your services through flexible API integrations.

User Preference

  • Your clients are different and so are the ways they prefer to pay. Adding SnapCheck will help you accommodate more diverse needs.

Instant Delivery

  • No more lengthy wait times. Your clients simply click “Send,” and their digital check is delivered instantly.

Unparalleled Security

The only universally accepted payment format, paper checks remain the preferred business payment mechanism. However, they are cumbersome, lack transparency and clarity, and require manual work from all parties involved. Adopting such an inconvenient payment method, no matter how popular, is counter-intuitive for any modern fintech company. That’s where SnapCheck comes in. We’ve upgraded one of the most ubiquitous payment methods for business, and now you can too. Our fully-integrated solution complements your platform and provides your users with the easiest, safest, and fastest way to send payments the way they want—whether it’s person-to-person, B2B, or something in between.

Preferred Payment

  • SnapCheck is a digital upgrade to the way 92% of businesses prefer to conduct payments.

Safety & Security

  • Our payment solution comes with uncompromising security backed by FinTrust™. Your users can transact with peace of mind.


  • SnapCheck offers a friendly and familiar payment experience preferred worldwide, modernized with speed and security.

Cost Savings

  • SnapCheck’s paperless payments can help your customers save up to 70% on costs associated with traditional check payments.

Expanding payment options for your constituents, streamlining revenue collections, and providing the community with the highest level of service is essential for today’s government organizations. Whether your agency receives or disburses benefits, pays contractors, collects taxes, or distributes refund payments, SnapCheck’s easy and flexible solution can help you offer more payment choices and streamline the payment process—resulting in greater convenience and better service for your citizens.


  • SnapCheck keeps payments super simple, combining the familiarity of paper checks with the speed of digital transactions.

Reduce Risks

  • Fraud risks increase every time a paper check changes hands. SnapCheck transactions go directly from the payer to the recipient.

Safety & Security

  • SnapCheck takes compliance and security seriously, providing industry-leading safeguards with FinTrust™ Security.

Cost Effective

  • SnapCheck payments help save up to 70% on costs associated with paper checks, putting resources back into programs that matter.

Today’s consumers exist in a digital world. SnapCheck helps you meet them there with a fully-integrated digital check solution for everything from claims disbursements to premium collections. You get an enhanced but familiar product seamlessly fitted into your existing services while customers get the safe, easy, and fast payment option they want.

User Friendly

  • SnapCheck payments feature the familiarity of every paper check—it’s the speed and security that gets a drastic boost.

Cash Flow & Management

  • SnapCheck provides transparency into transaction status and history, enabling careful cash flow optimization and management.

Customer Satisfaction

  • SnapCheck is the speed, simplicity, and security modern consumers want. Easily add it to your own solution and boost customer satisfaction.

Safety & Security

  • SnapCheck eliminates risks that increase with multiple touch points. Digital checks go directly from payer to recipient.

The success of your marketplace relies on the success of your merchants and the overall satisfaction of their customers. This can be an immense challenge, requiring effective merchant management while also meeting their varying payment needs which can differ greatly according to business size and type. That’s where we come in. SnapCheck can help you increase revenue and expand your services with just one integration. Partner with SnapCheck today and support better payments for buyers and sellers as well as payments to service providers and downstream wholesalers.

Scale Quickly

Paper checks are simple and ubiquitous but they can’t scale. SnapCheck’s digital solution makes paying 1,000 merchants as simple as paying 10.

Cash Flow & Management

  • SnapCheck is safeguarded by FinTrust™ Security to help you and your merchants in the battle against fraud.

Payout Fees

  • Eliminate the high fees of traditional payout methods. SnapCheck keeps your costs low regardless of the payment amount.

Instant Delivery


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