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SignMit – Digital trusted banking relationships


Secure and Compliant Clients Decisions

SignMit enables secure exchanges between banks and their customers by connecting data or documents to their smartphones. Clients can approve them in a secure and compliant way and banks have access to an audit trail allowing them to track all the events and collect body of evidence in case of dispute. With SignMit financial institutions can digitize any type of workflow that currently requires a critical decision (signature) from their customers such as: Transaction authorization agreements (Callback), investment proposals validations and bank account opening form.


Fully Digitalize Processes

Get ride of manual process of printing and sending document via post-mail (too slow) or email (not read).

Send investment proposals to customer personal devices to speed up the whole decision and acknowledgment process.

Digital Signature

Legally valid

Integrated solution “out of the box” with a certified digital signature provider.

Advanced or qualified signature on any type of data (PDFs or raw data)

Audit Trail

Easily retrieve evidence bundles

All events are recorded

Collect statistics on customers investments preferences

Secure Mobile App

Standalone application (white mark) for smartphones and tablets

Integration into existing app via SDK

Security layer for mobile devices

Strong Authentication

2FA authentication

Login on the mobile app with bio-metrics and soft token

Strong authentication easy to use

Smart and Automated Solution

Reduce drastically paperwork adn back and forth of paper and people

Secure and automated process to prevent from any frauds

SignMit allows clients to receive data/documents on their smartphone and being able to approve/refuse them in a secure and compliant way. The solution is a combination of strong authentication, secure exchanges and certified digital signature.

  • Customer enrollment
    As a first step, the bank needs to identify and enrol their customers. For that, SignMit generates a unique QR code that must be given to the customer. The customer needs to download the app from the public store and scan the QR code. After that customers can receive securely any data or documents on their personal devices.
  • Secure Digital Process
    SignMit aims to secure verifications between banks and their clients. It can be used by financial institutions to digitalize any kind of work-flow requiring a user validation that today requires a manual intervention.

When a document is sent to a client, he receives a push notification on his personal devices. He is strongly authenticated with a biometric and soft token. Then he can see the pending document and can click on the PDF to read it. Finally, the customer can accept or refuse the document. Once the decision is taken a digitally signed document is issued.

  • Strong Authentication
    Clients connect to their smartphone by being strongly identified and authenticated. User friendly strong authentication with biometrics and soft-token.
  • Deploy Mobile App To User Personal Devices
    An SDK is available ready to be integrated within existing mobile apps such as m-banking. The app can be white labeled to reflect the bank branding. Customized behavior can be implemented in the app upon customer requirements. The app can be deployed via the solution enterprise store or public stores (AppStore, PlayStore)

In addition of the certified and signed document, SignMit carefully registered and tracked all the events. Information are extracted directly from the application and displayed to banks via an audit trail. In case of customer complaint or legal issue, the bank can go to the audit trail and collect body of evidences. The bank can easily get proof of what happen: for instance knowing how long a client took to read a document before taking his decision.

  • Audit Trail
    Retrieve easily body of evidence in the audit trail in case of dispute; All the events are tracked; when the user reads the document, how long, weird behavior, etc.
  • Legally Binding
    Out-of-the-box solution integrated with certified digital signature providers. Get advanced or qualified signatures to any kind of data (PDF or raw data).

The contract can be submitted in different ways. Via a custom web application, an email or directly integrated with a BPO. Once signed the contract can be sent back in different places: In a repository for the relationship manager, in the CRM or directly in the banking host. A REST service is exposed by the solution and can be contacted by any backend. The goal is to be fully integrated within Temenos solution and especially Wealth Suite.

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