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Deposits as a service


Easy Access to Pan-European Funding.

Acquire stable funding, optimize your cost and diversify your funding sources.


Customer Acquisition

Raisin takes care of product distribution via its marketplace channels, distribution partnerships and through cooperation with independent financial advisers. Raisin is responsible for all marketing activities including prime-time TV campaigns, press coverage, offline ATL/BTL campaigns and listing on affiliate pages etc.

Full Customer Onboarding

Raisin handles all back-office activities relating to KYC, AML and PeP checks. Raisin assures that customers accept the applicable Terms & Conditions, confirm the necessary declarations and submit the required documents.

Multi-Language Customer Service

Raisin is responsible for the provision of multi-language customer support, customer communication and complaints management. Raisin’s award-winning customer support has earned a Net Promoter Score of 73 and a Trustpilot Score of “Excellent”.

Take advantage of Raisin’s pre-integration to T24

Raisin Connect is a pre-integrated adapter that enables banks to easily and quickly connect with the Raisin marketplace and to benefit of a highly reliable interface. Data exchange will take place via an automatic exchange of XML files between Raisin and T24.


The Raisin marketplace supports term deposits, notice accounts and overnight deposits.

The Raisin marketplace supports a number of currencies, including EUR, GBP, USD, NOK and CHF.

Raisin is available in English across Europe and operates country-dedicated platforms in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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