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Secure Content Sharing and Messaging


Protect and Securely Share Content to Any Device

Pushfor enables banks to easily protect and securely share content. Using our patented technology, content is pushed, rather than sent, meaning the original file remains secure at source. When content is pushed, you retain full control of content dissemination and have detailed tracking of how, where and who uses it. Unlocking new insights that improve customer retention, turn digital interaction into new sales opportunities and drive faster decision making. With an intuitive out of the box user interface, supported by fully published APIs, Pushfor is perfect for banks looking to distribute sensitive business content or protect the intellectual property of high-value content, retaining full control and understanding of its use.


Mitigate Financial, Regulatory and Reputational Risk

Pushing content removes the risk of sensitive and confidential content falling into the wrong hands resulting in a data breach * Every interaction is captured and recorded for regulatory compliance reporting * The ability to ‘pull back’ content enables banks to confidently execute the GDPR ‘right to be forgotten’ as only one version exists at source

Increase Productivity

Streamline business ability to share critical information securely – when its needed, where it is needed * Enable faster more accurate business decisions with a single version of the truth * Empower business users with agile, modern applications removing high risk ‘shadow IT’ apps in the workplace * Empower mobile workforce with access to content

Secure by Design

Original content is never sent ensuring full IP protection * Industry standard security safeguards (TLS) * Multiple successful independent penetration tests

Leverage Unstructured Data

Captures new insights on unstructured content * Identify new opportunities for sales & marketing, compliance, risk and human resources

Easily Manageable for Compliance

Flexible deployment options – cloud, on-premise etc. * Rapid on/off boarding leveraging corporate logins * Full audit trail of all content activity

Drive Innovation

Explore new monetization models for high-value content i.e. cost per view * Leverage real-time usage analytics on Push2Link to drive A/B Testing on marketing campaigns * Introduce new secure communication channels for customers and other stakeholders


Keep conversations private with highly secure instant messaging for individuals or groups.

Protect and share content from any source – device, cloud storage, library, 3rd party CMS etc – using our patented ‘push’ technology the original file remains secure at source mitigating risk of data leakage and protecting IP of high-value content.

Track who, when, where and how many times content has been viewed with every interaction captured and recorded for regulatory compliance reporting.

Gain valuable insight by leveraging real-time usage analytics on unstructured content consumption ideal for corporate governance on company policies, enabling decisions on content strategy, drive innovative with new monetization models and turn digital interactions into sales opportunities.

For maximum security and control banks can choose to host on-premise however choice and flexibility are provided as Pushfor can also be hosted in a private cloud, or hosted as a SaaS model on Pushfor servers.

Maximum protection against data leakage by revoking viewing access should a user attempt an authorised screenshot and the author is notified that an attempt has been made and by whom.

Provide a tailored user experience with customised branding for a corporate or white-labelled look and feel. The APP UI is easily configurable without any coding required.

Remove the risk of content falling into the wrong hands in the event of a human error and prevent incorrect versions of content being shared by simply pulling back content and/or conversational threads at any time – even once viewed – revoking all access.

Keep your business safe with all content remaining secure at source whilst applying various additional security options such as secure blur viewing, watermark protection and shared encryption keys.

Share protected content across any communication or social media platform whilst still maintaining total control of the content. A unique URL is generated linking to the content which ensures all the high security, control and tracking features of the Pushfor platform are applied to the content however it is shared.

Access content from any device type with Pushfor available for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop.


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