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Develop the future of fintech with Plaid

Develop the future of fintech with Plaid

Plaid is a technology platform that helps modernize banking infrastructure—making it possible to build products that leverage financial data. Financial institutions partner with Plaid to offer safe and reliable access to consumers’ permissioned data. We equip developers with the tools to create essential financial services for their users. And for consumers, we provide the easiest way for them to connect their bank accounts to an application.


Seamless account authentication and funding

Auth enables you to instantly verify consumer’s bank accounts for ACH or EFT transfers. Once accounts are verified, transfer money for payments or account funding with greater confidence.

Detailed transaction history and balance data

Transactions frequently provides 24 months of cleaned data from consumers’ transaction histories along with current and available account balances. Retrieve key insights into the transaction data including merchant names, locations, and categories.

Streamlined asset verification

Assets provides lenders with a summary of a borrower’s financial health. Multiple bank accounts are consolidated into an Asset Report which shows account balances, historical transactions, and account holder identity information. In addition, lenders can retrieve categorized transaction data that can be used in building risk models.

Why Plaid

With Plaid, you’re integrating with best-in-class technology to help you deliver rich experiences to your customers: for developers, by developers, robust data coverage and quality, high uptime and operating efficiency, built with security top-of-mind.

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