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Risk Profiler Game for Financial Advisors


Risk Profiling Tool for Financial Advisors

Neuroprofiler helps financial advisors better assess the risk profile of their clients for regulatory (MiFID II) and marketing purposes. We provide them with digital, compliant and gamified risk profiling questionnaires based on behavioral finance and machine learning.


Addresses Poor Compliance

We made sure our solution was compliant with the most recent regulations by collaborating with KPMG in Luxembourg. Besides, as recommended by regulators Neuroprofiler takes into account cognitive biases when assessing the risk profile of clients from financial institutions.

Supporting Marketing Strategies

Thanks to the combination of behavioral finance and machine learning our risk profiling results turn out to be way more precise than the output given by traditional and standard questionnaires. Thus, the financial advisor gets a better view of the risk profile of his or her clients, which make him or her propose the most suitable financial products at the right time.

Enhancing Client’s User Experience

Neuroprofiler has designed 100% digital risk profiling questionnaires to cope with more and more clients using online tools and applications in their everyday life. We also use gamification in our investment game based on behavioral finance and machine learning. At the end, our process is more user-friendly and faster than paper-based questionnaires.

Facilitating Financial Advisors’ Work

On our SaaS platform financial advisors can easily create links to risk profiling questionnaires. The only thing they have to do is sending the links to their clients by email. Once the questionnaire has been taken, the results are stored on the platform and can be downloaded by the financial advisors. We also provide API on request.


Be smarter, faster and more user-friendly when it comes to risk profiling. Neuroprofiler’s solution:

  • Provides an adaptive tailor-made questionnaire generated based on behavioral finance (prospect theory from Daniel Kahneman) and machine learning.
  • Engages through a fun and gamified interface providing clients with concrete, simple and clear investment scenarios.
  • Provides consistent control of client’s responses.
  • Integrates demographic data, such as age, marital status, family size and employment.
  • Records data through a user-friendly, responsive online platform, providing historical access to test history.
  • Provides an easy method to review and update of client information – advisors can simply send clients a web link in order for them to update their risk profiles.
  • Includes e-Training to help financial advisors better understand the psychology of their clients.

Callsing is pre-integrated with Temenos T24, Temenos Connect Internet Banking and Temenos Connect Mobile Banking products.

  • Temenos Temenos T24 remains the single point of truth of the user identity.
  • Authentication journeys decoupled from Temenos workflows.
  • Authentication and authorization built on standards based Open Banking APIs.
  • Updates are pushed from Temenos T24 to Callsign also using standards based APIs.
  • Branding propagates to all UXP products.
  • PSD2 and Open Banking compliant integration.

The Callsign dashboard is your control room for managing and configuring your authentication, analytics and policies in one central location.

  • The Callsign Service Manager is where organisations configure their services. It is also the place for issuing Temporary Access Codes, accessing audit logs and viewing other transaction related information.
  • The Callsign Policy Manager uses Callsign’s Authentication Decision Tree framework, admins intuitively define and refine IDA journeys. The Policy Manager is also the point of call for handling denied access and configuring risk policies to determine when additional authentication actions are required.

The Callsign service can be delivered to fit your needs as a business. We offer everything from SaaS multi-tenant and single-tenant databases to on-premise deployments.

  • In Callsign’s on-premise solution, core components of the Callsign platform can be run on local, dedicated hardware, with the option to fail over to the cloud in real-time.
  • The platform has been designed and developed to scale linearly with increasing demand.
  • Callsign’s Tier 1 bank customers have proven scalability in excess of 10,000 transactions per second.


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