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Mitek Mobile Docs® – Scanner-quality mobile documents capture


Scanner-quality mobile documents capture

Mobile Docs® SDK leverages Mitek’s patented mobile capture experience, MiSnap™, to enable end-users to leverage the camera on their mobile device to capture images of documents. The SDK provides real-time feedback to the user until a suitable image is detected, at which point it automatically captures a high quality image.

Features and Benefits

Capture documents in seconds

Capture documents of many shapes and sizes in the highest supported resolution in seconds on an iOS or an Android device

Best OCR results

Crop and de–warp the image on-device for the best possible OCR results

Intuitive user experience

Offer simple and intuitive user experience consistent with depositing checks. Customize every bit of user experience and workflow.

Great support

Get full-orientation and accessibility support for capturing documents (portrait or landscape). Out-of-the-box support for Spanish and French languages

SDK Documentation

Access comprehensive SDK documentation – online and pdf

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