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MetaCenter – Drive Efficiency Across the Development Life-cycle


MetaCenter Data Governance for Temenos Analytics

Data Advantage Group’s MetaCenter is an enterprise metadata management and data governance platform with support for automated documentation and data lineage analysis for Temenos Analytics and T24.


Support Data Governance and Compliance Requirements

Comply and meet audit requirements and establish accountability and responsibility for data assets at the lowest possible cost via automation.

Automate Data Lineage and Analysis

Automate data lineage analysis from Temenos Analytics reports to the Temenos Analytics data warehouse to T24 source entities and screens. Graphical and tabular reporting can be produced for data lineage analysis from a report to all source systems. Automated data lineage analysis of other third party BI, ETL, databases and other data management solutions are also supported.

Searchable Temenos Analytics Data Dictionary

Search and browse all your data management assets and systems from one platform • T24 Versions and Tables • Analytics Report and KPIs • Analytics Databases and Cubes • Analytics ETL/ELT Logic • Automatically document all third party databases, data management and analytics tools in use (in addition to Temenos T24 and Analytics)

Easily Customizable and Extensible

Build business glossaries and taxonomies to classify assets. Track all required operational and compliance related metrics (GDPR, BCBS, KYC, etc.)


Coordinate the stewardship for a common lexicon of business terms and metrics for the enterprise and individual business units

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