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Lightbeam – Instant visibility into data flows


Instant Visibility into Enterprise
Data Flows

Cyberhaven provides instant visibility into data flows in enterprises to enable rapid compliance with GDPR/CCPA, modernize risk management, and streamline data security. Cyberhaven Lightbeam is the only solution that automatically traces data in real time to build live data flow maps for unstructured and semi-structured data in all formats across the entire enterprise, on-prem and in the cloud. Without the need to change, tag or classify your data, we’ll demonstrate the value in hours.


Automated Real-Time Data Flow Mapping

Simplified compliance with GDPR and PCI and other data security and privacy regulations by replacing the manual process of building a data flow map for your enterprise with an automatic process. Cyberhaven Lightbeam is the only technology that can trace unstructured and semi-structured data completely automatically for all data formats across dozens of data silos.

Single Product for Data Governance and Data Leak Prevention

Cyberhaven Lightbeam provides in a single product a single product for DLP, data tagging and classification, data governance and the manual work involved in a Data Privacy Impact Assessment.


Cyberhaven Lightbeam tracks unstructured and semi-structured data in all formats across the entire enterprise, on-prem, in SaaS apps, and in the cloud, without the need to change, tag or classify your data. It’s blazingly fast to deploy: you can start tracing your data, using live data flow maps, and tracking policy violations on day one.

Automate data flow mapping, requiring no human input, to compliy with GDPR, CCPA, PCI-DSS, NIST CSF.

Locate all copies of customers data across all data silos and formats (like files, emails, IMs), to comply with “right to be forgotten”, asses privacy risks and more.

Trace sensitive data from creation or entering the enterprise, across all on-prem and cloud locations, to leaving the enterprise, to prevent leaks and streamnline forensics.

Alert your security team and end users when data flows break your enterprise policies. Report in real-time to keep data compliance accurate and up-to-date.

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