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Comprehensive Digital Security, Risk & Fraud Platform


Conveniently Secure

EZMCOM Digital Security, Risk and Fraud Platform assists banks in covering the complete lifecycle of a user in the digital world from onboarding a user remotely to authenticating a user and detecting anomalies and fraud for compliance and regulation needs. Using powerful NFC based (applicable for ICAO-complaint IDs on Android only) or ID Scanning based approach, banks can leverage Temenos-compatible EZMCOM Mobile SDKs to verify the user’s identity remotely, combined with biometric verification and open bank accounts, perform eKYC/AML needs and many more.


Fast and Responsive

The product is fast and responsive solution.

Password with 2FA or Passwordless with Biometric

The choice of flexibility for the end user to choose and adopt depending on convenience and security sought.

Mobile Platform Ready

Tested and tried over multiple platforms such as IBM, Kony, Cordova and others, EZMCOM Biometric SDK can be integrated across any platform.

Balancing Data Privacy with Security

Conforms to data and privacy standards such as GDPR and PSD2


One Stack for RTS Strong Customer Authentication with OAuth 2.0 Compliant. Open ID Connect (OIDC) Certification in Q1 2018.

Omnichannel Security, Risk & Fraud Platform

Supported over both Mobile and Web, EZMCOM’s platform can be leveraged on all the channels, including Core Banking.

No Hardware Solution

Software-only solution.

Cloud or On-Premise

Available on both Cloud and On-Premise.


Add VMs for web servers, application servers and dab instances to scale.

Analysts Recognised – GARTNER & FORRESTER

GARTNER Market Guide for User Authentication 2. GARTNER Hype Cycle for Risk Management 3. GARTNER Hype Cycle for Identity and Access Management 4. GARTNER Technology Insight for Public-Key Authentication 5. FORRESTER TechRadar™: Biometric Authentication, Q1 2017 6. FORRESTER Best Practices: Maximize The Business Value Of Biometrics

Transaction Signing

Comply to PSD2 RTS with Transaction Signing across Digital Channels.


Onboard or conduct an eKYC Remotely by conducting: 1. Proof of Possession: Identity Documents 2. Proof of Identity: Facial Verification

OCR & NFC Support

Supports both NFC and OCR mechanisms to complete “Proof of Possession

Security Checks such as Hologram detection

Facial Verification with Liveness Detection

EZMCOM Liveness detection is powered by Artificial Intelligence and not assumed by just a smile or blink, which can easily be spoofed with a gif image

3rd party check available to verify authenticity of documents

Auto Capture

Auto Capture the details of the end users from the supported IDs


Provides multiple modes of authentication: 1. Face Only 2. Voice Only 3. Either Face or Voice (Most user convenient and recommended) 4. Both Face and Voice


Fusion of Face and Voice Biometric Together

Liveness Detection

EZMCOM Fusion Biometric solution’s liveness detection is powered by Artificial Intelligence for both face and voice.


Powered by AI, EZMCOM Fusion Biometric Authentication cannot be, easily, fooled easily by spoofing mechanisms. With customised security tuning available depending on the use case and needs, EZCOM Fusion Biometric authentication can provide unmatched anti-spoofing armour in the belt.

Equal Error Rate

EZMCOM Fusion Biometric Authentication has achieved at EER of 0.33% in independent 3rd party testing.

FIDO Compliant

EZMCOM’s Risk Based Authentication is a comprehensive authentication and online risk management platform that transparently monitors user’s access to the online resource to identify anomalies, then calculates the risk associated with a user session — all seamlessly and in real time. It, also, includes powerful User Behavioural Analytics (UBA), a multimodal continuous authentication for both Internet and Mobile platforms performing various authentications based on Keyboard Dynamics, Gesture and GAIT.

Behavioural Biometrics for Web

Using Behavioural Biometrics for web using concepts such as Keyboard Dynamics, EZMCOM’s RBA enables banks to understand the behavioural characteristic of the user depending on various traits such as speed, frequency, pattern of typing at logons and later to understand the user’s identity. No more knowing the password of the user is good enough!

Behavioural Biometrics for Mobile

Using Behavioural Biometrics for Mobile with Gesture and GAIT analytics, EZMCOM designs a sophisticated layer of non-intrusive security to the mobile authentications.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

EZMCOM uses Big Data model to capture, combine and model data from different systems authenticating within the bank on web and mobile channels. The rule engine allows to create Intelligent controls and mechanisms that can be enforced on real-time to detect suspicious authentications that is indicative of fraud and thereby, allowing to block or step-up authentications.

Comprehensive Rule Engine

Use pre-defined rules or design your own rules.

Behavioural Traits

Behavioural Biometrics for Mobile & Web

Keyboard Dynamics

Captures 100+ characteristics to build a unique identity based on typing pattern of the users


You walking pattern is your signature for identification now!


Mobile Gesture Characteristics on how you swipe, hold and type on the mobile

Continuos Authentication

EZMCOM’s UBA analyses user activity continuously observing behaviors like keystroke dynamics, touch and mouse motion, and compares it to previous interactions from the same user. Every session of the user creates a Score. The score is compared to the Threshold of that particular user, again learnt and adapted dynamically from previous authentications. The Score can be further integrated into EZMCOM’s risk engine or your risk engine, so that you can create Rules for appropriate step-up authentication

Pre-integrated with EZMCOM Risk based Authentication

EZMCOM’s UBA is pre-integrated with EZMCOM’s RBA solution and can be used for step up authentication without any changes. Additionally, its API and architecture allows it to seamlessly integrate with any of the existing RBA solution than banks might have.

Non-Intrusive Security

User convenience is the key to digital adoption. EZMCOM’s UBA lets users verify themselves through their behaviours for a transparent convenient authentication experience. The scores from EZMCOM’s UBA can be added to EZMCOM’s Risk based Adaptive Authentication for managing the risk of the authentication with appropriate step-up authentication.

Choose one or combination from the basket of form factors for strong authentication.

Soft Tokens: Mobile & Desktop

Mobile & Desktop Soft Tokens with OTP & PUSH based authentication mechanism, protected with PIN and Fingerprint (fingerprint on supported smartphones only)

Hard Tokens

OAuth Compliant Hard Tokens

OOB Tokens

OOB Tokens with delivery through Email, SMS or IVR

PKI Tokens

Supported on both Mobile and Hard Tokens

Display Card Tokens

Custom Cards with Display OTPs for Bank Branded Credit and Debit Cards with OTP Displays

TCMB Compatible Mobile SDKs

Manage User Identities within EZMCOM

3D Secure Authentication for Card Not Present Transactions PSD2-compliant with in-built 2FA and Risk based Authentication for 3D Secure 2.0 Authentication.


Comply for Card Not Present Transactions: 1. Verified by VISA 2. MasterCard SecureCode 3. American Express SafeKey 4. JCB J/Seure 5. Diners Club International, ProtectBuy 6. RuPay (INDIA specific).

Supports both ACS and MPI

Supports both ACS and MPI modules for 3D Secure Authentication

Pre-integrated Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Support the EZMCOM’s 2FA in-built with following factors: 1. OOB Tokens: Delivery through SMS, Email and IVR 2. PUSH based authentication 3. Soft Tokens (Mobile, Desktop) 4. Hard Tokens: One Touch and Display Cards

Pre-Integrated Risk based Adaptive Authentication

Powerful Rule based Analytics Engine to decide the risk of the 3D Secure authentication depending on various factors such as: 1. Device Preferences: Type of Device, Device Model etc 2. Software Preferences: OS, Browser, App etc 3. IP Address: Whitelist/Blacklist IP Addresses 4. Geolocation 5. Transaction Type: Amount, Volume, Velocity etc

PSD2-Ready for Payment and CNP Transactions

Meets all requirements for PSD2 in one solution by combining the powerful solutions of EZMCOM together: 1. EZMCOM 3D Secure 2.0 Authentication 2. EZMCOM 2FA Authentication Platform 3. EZMCOM Risk based Adaptive Authentication.

Optional Dynamic CVV Card


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