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Flexible data integrity & reconciliation


The New Standard in Reconciliation

At Duco our mission is to make managing data easy. We empower end users to deal with complex data problems in a fraction of the time required by traditional systems. By leveraging intelligent technology, delivered via software as a service (SaaS) we have changed the traditional build-analyze-test cycle around data processes to an agile self-service model. With Duco, end users can load data, create matching rules, and test them iteratively, cutting the average time to set up a reconciliation from 64 days to 2.4 hours.


Reconcile Anything in Just a Few Hours

Empower your finance, operations and IT experts to set up any kind of reconciliation or data validation process in hours. Upload any data: cash balances, futures trades, customer lists, anything! From daily operational controls to urgent “one off” investigations, Duco can handle it all.

Ensure Nothing Slips through the Cracks

Duco allocates, labels and comments on exceptions automatically based on criteria you define. Distribute issues for investigation with ease and keep track of the steps to resolution.

Eliminate Spreadsheets; Consolidate Systems

Duco is highly flexible and data agnostic, so you can put all your reconciliations on one scalable platform – from core cash controls to proprietary intersystem checks. Save time and money on manual work and maintaining multiple systems.

Pass Audit with Best in Class Controls

Ensure your operational processes are water-tight with strict user controls, plus separate sandbox and testing environments. Duco’s read-only audit logs and version control – retained for up to ten years – give you the trail you need for internal and external audit.

Low TCO; fast ROI

Duco is software as a service (SaaS). Setup, onboarding, training, support and monthly upgrades are all included as standard. No hidden fees. We pledge that all clients are live in 24 hours, with results in 7 days and tangible business value in 30.

Stay on the Right Side of Regulation

Duco ensures completeness and accuracy of regulatory reports, by comparing your books and records to regulators, trade repositories and ARMs. It identifies errors, under-reporting and over-reporting and assigns issues automatically for investigation.

Benefit from Continuous Innovation

As Duco is SaaS all clients are on the same version, upgraded with new features monthly. Our short development cycles and commitment to innovation mean you’ll always stay one step ahead of the competition.


Duco is live in 24 hours after contract signature with no IT projects needed. There’s no installation, hardware or maintenance required.

Our unique “fuzzy matching” algorithms ingest data at speed and scale. No data transformation, schema setup or ETL needed.

Matching criteria and workflow rules are defined in English sentences using our unique “Natural Rule” language. No coding required. All rules are simple to update and easy to audit.

Results are available quickly, even with low quality data. Users can refine rules, test the results and improve processes iteratively.

With Duco you can link multiple reconciliations, enabling users to see the impact that breaks in underlying reconciliations are having on the overall business process. This is unique functionality and particularly useful for total equity balance reconciliations, NAV controls across multiple parties and collateral position breaks.

Archiving is history: with Duco you can run analytics on up to ten years’ worth of trading data. Get real-time updates as your exception time series changes. Connect analytics tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlikview and more to build your own dashboards, without projects.

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