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Relevant and consistent customer communication


Relevant and Consistent Customer Communication across All Channels

Assentis is a leading software solutions provider specializing in Customer Communication Management (CCM). The focus lies on collaborating with financial service providers to solve the complex aspects of developing and implementing a bespoke customer communication solution. Assentis CCM solutions are for institutions who strive to improve communication with their customers and offer them an omnichannel experience. If this is of interest to you, we commit that we will uncover your specific needs and deliver a unique solution that exceeds your expectations.

Features and Benefits

From acquisition and onboarding to execution to periodicals.

Acquisition & Onboarding
Investment Proposals Fact Sheets and Flyers Campaign Management Customer Opening Investment Policy Statements Welcome Letters Etc.

Corporate ActionNotifications and Confirmations Trade Confirmations Cash Advices Etc.

Customer Statements Customer Reports Tax Documents Etc.

Minimal IT dependency and quality assurance through workflow.

Seamless integration into third-party systems without additional complexity, proven & stable.

Banks address clients individually and personally and improve client retention. Clients receive tailored information for decision making and engage via preferred device.

Exchange relevant, timely and consistent information with clients along all channels.

Massive empowerment & increased process efficiency through automation. Business users are empowered to individualize communication, own and control approval workflows, and create and modify templates via a user friendly web based interface. Minimized need for IT intervention.

Central control, enforcement of corporate identity, adaptation of branding through customization, reusability of content.

Central control, permissions and approval workflows on documents.


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