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Audit Confirmation Request Platform


Audit Confirmation Request Platform

Circit is transforming audit confirmation requests by bringing banks, audit firms, and their mutual business customers onto one secure platform during a financial audit. For Banks, the Circit platform is delivered as a SaaS product with a highly intuitive interface where audit requests are received digitally, and Bank responses are delivered directly to the auditor making the request. In addition, the Circit Developer Portal provides fully published API’s which can automate the process end-to-end. All of this is delivered at no cost to the Bank.

Features and Benefits

Circit markets and sells the platform to the audit firms so you don’t have to. The auditors are the only paying users of the service. Circit will confirm delivery to a registered auditor who has been screened and brought through a verification process. The auditor making the request is the only person who can decrypt a response containing customer data.

Circit gives you one view across all audit firms.

The Auditor, the Customer and the Bank all benefit from a digital process from start to finish.

The problems of data leakage due to missing letters and unsecure e-mails are eliminated. Your current process allows for customer information to be delivered by paper to unauthenticated individuals, in an unsecured environment and with limited audit trail. With Circit, safely manage outgoing data and track the whole process with an intuitive user interface. You share sensitive information with auditors and all actions are recorded in an unchangeable audit log.

Direct auditor messaging, allowing issues to be resolved instantly and in the context of a request. Customer messaging can be enabled for certain request types, bringing an all round digital and mobile experience for the Customer/Bank relationship. Internal team messaging to track conversations centrally rather siloed on an individuals e-mail. Circit’s secure messaging channels eliminate the time drain of follow up phone calls and manual tracking systems.

Customers will benefit from a fully digital and mobile experience during their year-end financial audit. Bank confirmations are necessary for the financial statements to be signed-off and all of this can be delivered with a fast turnaround time within the same platform.

Automatic segregation of requests into specific bank teams and intuitively designed workflows. Response templates are pre-designed and pre-populated to.

Minimal internal re-organisation required, there are no annual licence fees, no setup costs and no support costs. Please contact to understand how Circit can quickly drive cost savings for your organisation.

Measure turnaround against SLA’s for continuous improvement. Identify bottlenecks and demonstrate improvements, and anticipate staff requirements in the busy periods.

Automate your audit request process using Circit’s fully published API’s, enabling seamless integration into existing systems.


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