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Mobile Payments for Temenos Core Banking Solution


Blue Code Mobile Payments for Temenos Core Banking Solution

Blue Code works like cash — just on your smartphone. Integrate the app plugin and the back-end components from the solution package into your mobile banking app and your Temenos Core Banking platform to enable cashless payments for your customers. Fast. Secure. Simple.


Acquirer Benefit

Enabling mobile payments in Europe. Blue Code is an anonymous, real-time withdrawal from a customer’s account, on the smartphone. The goal is to establish a mobile payment system that provides European banks, businesses, and customers with a modern, highly secure way of making payments. It does not transfer any sensitive data, nor does it create any dependency on, or place you under any control of other market participants.

Security by Design

Less hassle for businesses and customers. With Blue Code, your customers pay fast, securely, and anonymously. As a business, you do not have to handle sensitive data. Blue Code handles the payment process of registered users via secure connections. European servers and encrypted systems guarantee additional security.

Competitive Advantage

Fast. Secure. Simple. Become more competitive. As digitalization progresses, cost efficiency has to be increased, competitors are creating pressure, and the legal situation is complex — in such an environment it becomes ever more important to offer your customers attractive and at the same time efficient services that offer new revenue opportunities. Blue Code now gives banks an app plugin for mobile payments that can be seamlessly integrated into their own solutions, with no confidential data ever leaving the bank.


A one-use numeric token that can be displayed as a barcode. Whenever an account holder wants to buy something, our software generates a barcode that is read by a standard scanner at the point of sale. This is sent, along with the merchant code, to the bank, which settles the bill. The code is only valid once and expires within four minutes. No customer data leaves the bank. In addition, that token can be also transmitted via NFC or Bluetooth.

No customer data leaves the bank. No third party collects customer data from the transaction, to sell to others. There is no chip or pin number to steal, no card to lose.

You will find: The Blue Code Onboarding Wizard and the Clearing API, available as a WAR file for deployment in a servlet 3.1 container (JDK 1.7). Also a bundled standalone executable that packs a webserver and does not need to be deployed in a servlet container. The default onboarding wizard and the Clearing API do not require any database and just forward to customized endpoints in T24. Multiple versions of T24 are supported by that package.

Onboarding Helper Java


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