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Currency Hedging Simplified. Assure Hedge protects against foreign currency fluctuation…

Assure Hedge has developed a scalable FX hedging front-end that automates the selling of foreign exchange options, providing instant automated quotes priced by the end customer. Assure Hedge also provides an API to facilitate technological integrations and white-label solutions and has ultimately created a unique solution where a customer can purchase an option to their specification, in a fraction of the time, without having to speak to a member of the Trading Desk. With solutions currently available in the market in banks, receiving a quote for an option is a tedious and time-consuming process for a business or an intermediary, involving several phone calls and an onboarding process lasting many weeks or months with existing financial institutions. For a banking partner, the benefit is realised in that the SME customer no longer needs to call the Trading Desk to enquire about an Option or Forward as they can simply price and purchase the option themselves.


Simplifies Currency Hedging

Currency Hedging can be complicated, and Assure Hedge has taken the hassle out of this for the end user via a simple to use front-end solution. Assure Hedge deals with working out if an FX Option should be a Put or a Call and presents a simple “Convert currency X into Y” for the customer without the banking jargon that many SME customers struggle to comprehend.

Giving you and your business customers access to hedging solutions unavailable currently as they are not profitable.

Direct access to FX Options pricing at a time that works for you. With Assure Hedge’s instant quote generation tool customers have no need to make a phone call to the bank’s trading desk and wait for your relationship manager to access their treasury department.

Customize your quote to get the right cover

The product allows you to get an instant quote for a selected date and then with a few clicks you can custom the rate by selecting another date and also adjusting what rate you protect future FX transaction at.

You get the benefit of a market moving in your favour

IThe benefit of an FX Option is that businesses get to be protected from the adverse moves and gain from any market movement in the favour of the customer. This can allow the SME to take out protection for a future FX transaction. If the market moves in the favour of the SME, they receive the upside, which ultimately reduces the cost of taking out the Option.


As an FCA regulated company, we are required by the FCA to complete KYC & AML on all our customers. Once you have your documents close to had you can onboard in minutes with our online platform.

Using custom-designed algorithms, Assure Hedge allows your customers to price FX Options and we get the best price available on the market through an intuitive front-end that can be fully branded in your colour scheme.


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