An integrated view of your business process, Financial Position, and Performances in real time at an effective cost.

UniQ Financial aims to maximize automated processes. Consequently, it gives Accountants more time for controlling, analyzing, and forecasting financial information, rather than performing non-value adding tasks.
UniQ Financial includes a General Ledger, An Analytic Ledger, A Regulatory Ledger, Group Ledger, and Sub ledger Solutions. All built around a Rule-Based Accounting Engine, which is able to address contemporary accounting challenges such as multi Gaaps, multi-currency, and multi-companies Accounting


UniQ Core

UniQ Core is at the heard of UniQ Financial Solutions. It includes the Framework or the referential data for all UniQ Solutions, the Event Engine that converts business transactions into business events The Accounting Interpreter converts Accounting Events into Journal Entries.

UniQ Regulatory Engine

UniQ Regulatory Engine gather financial data from UniQ General Ledger and other external Sources. It provides a single source of data for Regulatory Reporting. The Data source can be integrated with Risk Management Systems, Business Intelligence Tools, Excel, or any other Reporting system.

UniQ General Leger

UniQ General Ledger provides a holistic view of all accounting data gathered from external systems and generated internally by UniQ. It provides standard accounting reports such as Journal, Trial Balance and Account Statement, as well as an integrated reporting system.

UniQ Financial Consolidation

UniQ Financial Consolidation aggregates and Produces group financial statements in Multi Gaap. It is based on UniQ Multi-Company where every business unit have its referential data, accounting rules, and Currency and UniQ General Ledger that maintains accounting books for different entities.

UniQ Cost Accounting

UniQ Cost Accounting is an Analytic Ledger that serves both; Department Costing, and Activity Based Costing Methods. UniQ Multi-Level allocation Engine and Transfer Pricing functions provide analytic journal entries in the MIS data base. The later one is used as the single source for MIS Reports.

UniQ Sub-Legder

UniQ Su-Ledger includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Asset, Inventory Management, Payroll, Human Resources, and the Treasury system That centralizes all In and Out payment., hence providing one single timewise view on cash position in various currencies. All Sub-Ledger Modules can be deployed in Multi Entities.


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