Tink’s PFM toolkit lets you easily build smart and intuitive services that make money management a more engaging experience.

Tink help leading brands use data to create personalised customer experiences and new revenue streams. With Tink you can proactively and automatically provide your customers with relevant insights and advice that matter in life.


Turn Data into Insights

Digitalise the personal meeting and transform raw data into real-time and personalised insights.

Drive Engagement

Interact with your customers in a way that meets their needs and inspires immediate action. Increase customer satisfaction and engagement by helping them understand their finances.

Boost Digital Sales

Become the ‘go-to’ place and attract consumers that hold accounts with other banks and boost conversion.

Increase Bottom Line

A financial coach for your customers that will increase your share of wallet.

Be in Control

Build, customise, track, tweak, analyse and optimise a money manager experience that feels 100% relevant for your business and customers.

Everything You Need

Tink is one of the leading open banking providers in Europe, with an end-to-end solution. Tink provides access to the data as well as smart services.

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