Secure. Binding. For all Platforms in Banking.

With our Trusted Login Solution we are offering a modern product with the option to do a sensitive login but highly user-friendly login without the need to worry about the challenges of a technical implementation. We provide the login as an application of an app which can be customized to your own specifications. Our login app does not require any complicated or time intensive integration. You can continue to use your application as the login app is used in parallel to your application.

Features and Benefits

With simple usability and secure customer authentication.

Certified security tested by leading institutes. The technology of the German Root CA and the 2-factor-based login create a binding identity and the best protection against attacks and fraud.

One application for all end devices and systems with a consistent, complete process. A standardization with enormous benefits.

A technology with flexible applications for all platforms by an established market leader of IT security in the banking sector.

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