Simple and Secure ID&V Solution for KYC

ID-Pal is a SaaS solution for KYC that enables businesses to verify the identity of its customers simply, securely and conveniently. It is the only KYC solution that enables businesses to seamlessly onboard their customers in person, remotely and via their broker network in a matter of seconds. It provides a complete, end-to-end solution that can be instantly customised and implemented across multiple customer types and jurisdictions in just a few clicks, maximising customer acquisition rates across all channels. Configuration is complete in minutes without any setup fees or development costs.


Easy to Implement

Brand, configure and integrate complete end-to-end solution in less than a day.

Onboard Customers in Seconds

Customers can securely submit identity material in seconds via the customer app.

Seamless User Experience

The customer app for the customer and the business portal for the business provide a simple and intuitive user experience that is convenient.

Reduced Customer Dropoff

The seamless and convenient customer experience significantly reduces the number of customers that don’t complete the onboarding process.

More Efficient Back Office Onboarding Process

Consolidated customer onboarding material submitted directly to the business portal enables the business to review and approve submissions in seconds.

Reduced Risk of Identity Fraud

Each customer submission is thoroughly verified and authenticated using a suite of industry-leading technologies, thus reducing the risk of identity fraud for the business.

Robust Compliance Process

Verified identity documents and CDD reports provide a robust compliance process for the business


Intuitive app enables customers to submit onboarding material anytime, anywhere.

Business portal thoroughly verifies and authenticates each customer submission using a suite of industry-leading technologies.

All customer identity documents are verified using a suite of industry-leading technologies.

Motion detection and facial gesture recognition prevents identity fraud.

50-point biometric facial match is applied to the images on customer identity documents.

Up to 75-point check applied to customer documents to ensure against tampering or forgery.

Additional checks are completed via video analysis of identity documents.

A Customer Due Diligence report is generated with all key customer identity information. Report is stored securely and can be viewed anytime.

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