Hid Credential Management Service for Corporate Banking and Employees

HID Credential Management Service provides a suite of services that manage the lifecycle of digital identity and high assurance credentials. These services make it easy to create, manage and use trusted identity credentials through a cloud-based delivery model that manages the complexities of the public key infrastructure (PKI).



Scalable Cloud-Based IDaaS

Provides a complete Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution including PKI certificate authority, credential management system, choice of form factors (mobile, USB key or smart card) to carry the credentials.

Enable Digital and Physical Access Control Convergence

HID Credential Management Service can be delivered with HID SAFE, a Physical Identity and Access Management platform. The convergence of the physical and digital worlds obliges organizations to manage the identities of their employees in a consistent manner across those two worlds.


HID Credential Management Service enables organization to protect windows login, VPN access, Web authentication, but also to electronically sign documents and emails and to encrypt emails and files.

Complete protection – Protects your users across all their online activities

Corporate Banking

Deliver high-assurance solution for your corporate banking customers and increase the trust in your digital channels.

Employee Security

Protect your employees and ensure compliance with regulations thanks to the non-repudiable audit log.

HID Credential Management Service manages the complexities of PKI so organizations can instantly provide PKI certificate-based feature for their employees without the burden of deploying the complex infrastructure.

One fits all does not work, each group of customers have different needs. With HID Credential Management Service, the customers can choose the right device for their end customers: a mobile app, a smart card or a USB key.

Crescendo Mobile

Digitalization of the employee badge brings a better user experience and reduce the number of device to carry.

Crescendo Key

High level of security with excellent user experience.

Crescendo Card

Serve as an employee visual ID corporate badge.

HID Credential Management Service is a cloud-hosted multi-tenant infrastructure that integrates with your federated environment. Its flexibility can fit a wide range of users and is ready to scale to growing needs. With HID Credential Management Service, experience peace of mind from a proven ecosystem that has issued and supported millions of credentials.


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