Transfer of original title documents

Enables transfer of original title / negotiable documents – currently including any form of bill of lading (i.e., to order, bearer, straight) and warehouse warrant; soon extending to bills of exchange and promissory notes

Trade finance types

Can be used with a variety of trade/documentary finance types including electronic presentation under eUCP Documentary Credit, Documentary Collection (i.e. Cash Against Documents), or even data presentation under a Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) and Bank Payment Undertaking (BPU)

Improved transparency, compliance & risk mitigation

Improved control over management / handling of original bills of lading and trade documents, while eliminating risks of lost or fraudulent paper documents through a secure and auditable solution

Operational savings

Eliminate time spent creating, signing, distributing, couriering, storing and retrieving documents; amend and transfer original eDocs within minutes

Single, centralized store of key trade data, powering automation

DocHub module allowing users to aggregate & collate data from multiple sources such as ERP, trade finance solution or core banking system, enabling auto-creation of any document based on a standard document library or addition of proprietary templates if required

Enhanced Digital trade finance service for banks’ corporate customers

Enables Banks to provide an enhanced Digital trade finance solution and experience to customers


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