Next-Generation Data Integrity and Control Platform Featuring Prebuilt Regulatory & Risk Solutions

AxiomSL is the global leader in risk-data management and regulatory reporting solutions. Leveraging more than 25 years’ experience worldwide. Its client base spans regional and global financial institutions with more than $43 trillion in total assets and investment managers with more than $9 trillion in assets under management; representing more than 75% of the GSIBs worldwide. Its coverage encompasses more than 110 regulators across 55 jurisdictions.

AxiomSL’s Data integrity and control platform delivers solutions and services around regulatory and risk reporting, liquidity, capital and credit, operations, trade and transactions, and tax analytics. Its unique enterprise data management (EDM) platform empowers financial firms to address data governance and risk aggregation while delivering the analytics, workflow automation, validation, traceability, data lineage, and reporting required by multiple stakeholders across global and local regulations for financial firms (FIs).


The non-black box approach of the Data Integrity and Control Platform delivers a “trusted” ecosystem that can be deployed on the web and/ or cloud architectures.

AxiomSL’s Data Integrity and Control Platform, the antithesis of a black box, delivers transparency across all processes ― data sourcing, aggregation, pre-processing, enrichment, validation, and reporting ― while creating a collaborative environment across business functions. The platform provides FIs with insights into data, processes, calculations and reporting that heightened their ability to identify opportunities to fine-tune regulatory capital, satisfy regulatory requirements/audits, and inform business decision-making with enterprise-wide impacts.


Transparency Embodies Trust

The non-black box approach of the Platform delivers a “trusted” ecosystem that can be deployed on the web and/ or cloud architectures. AxiomSL’s transparent, flexible platform creates an environment that enables FIs to achieve regulatory/risk compliance, improve enterprise data-management and governance, satisfy regulatory initiatives, withstand audits, and moreover, gain trust in data to successfully derive business intelligence and stay ahead of the competition. With its dynamic data-lineage capabilities, intuitive user-controlled workflow automation, and end-to-end user-friendly visualization underpin all processes. ControllerView’s capabilities include:

Flexibly interfaces with the client’s architecture receiving input from and delivering output to disparate databases and systems enterprise-wide. Utilizes automated workflows and nimbly responds to intense data volumes.

Accommodates FIs’ existing data structure, integrating and aggregating heterogeneous original data without force-/retro-fitting, transformation, or format imposition thus enabling siloed teams to easily share information.

Handles complex data flows through hands-on, visible business logic, mapping, permissions, and validation frameworks. Conforms to required reporting formats. Strong user process and security controls include point-in-time report sign-off.

Unique dynamic data-lineage and data-tracer module, provides users with drill-down/drill-up access to the data’s journey from source to report, pinpoints uses, and documents changes as they happen. Adaptor technology enables connection to enterprise lineages.


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