Comprehensive Obligor Data capture, PIT based Risk Ratings and muti-dimentional Analytics

Obligor data includes:

1.Related party networking,

2.Financials both imported and entered manually,

3.Projections up to 20 years with multiple scenarios,

4.Facility structuring and share of wallet recommendation for short and long term,

5.Qualitative assessments,

6.TMRACs overrides,

7.PIT Risk Ratings covering historical, future and sensitivity analysis with full disclosure and control over loss norm tables, scales and weights.


UX and UI compliant:

Quick and efficient capture of data with import features.


Unlimited number of historical financial data and up to 20 years of projections.

User Control:

Assumptions and scenarios are created by users on the fly.

System guidance:

Client needs and recommended bank share of wallet.

Qualitative Due Diligence:

Management, Industry and Economic flexible using questions and answers.

Rating Overrides:

Target Market and Risk Acceptance Criteria set by the bank and allows for overrides.

Forward looking Risk Rating:

Compliant with IFRS 9, Basel guidelines, and Best Practices.

Fully configurable:

Ability to adjust loss norms by countries and obligor type, and three types of Scales.

Comprehensive KYC

Capture of Related Parties, Behavioral Traits, Central Bank data, and Media monitored articles to provide comprehensive KYC coverage.


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