Best of TCF Online 2021

We had specially curated the key announcements, customer insights and the most relevant new technology updates direct to your screen.

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Best From TCF Online 2021

TCF (Temenos Community Forum) is the biggest annual event in Temenos, where C-level executives, key decision-makers & rising starts of fintech from 150+ countries will gather on Planet Temenos to share the latest insights about banking technology.

At this year TCF Online, over 9500 audience across the globe had registered to join our exciting sessions !

We had specially curated the the key announcements, customer insights and the most relevant new technology updates direct to your screen.

Get Ready With Next-Gen Cloud Technology

Faster Smarter Innovation with Temenos SaaS

Ross Mallace, Business Line Director, Temenos SaaS

Colin Jarrett, Chief Cloud Officer, Temenos

Ramki Ramakrishnan, Global Business Solutions Director, Temenos Guest Customer Speakers

Innovative banks win by targeting growth segments and executing their go to market activities with speed. A key question is how can banks leverage technology to translate their plans into live market solutions. Key themes in this track include the use of sandboxes to shorten the innovation cycle, distribution services to de-link front and back areas, the use of API driven ecosystems to enable faster innovation and continuous update of software to ensure that the latest capabilities are always available.

The Temenos Banking Cloud Sandbox
– The Delivery of Real Innovation

Collaborative innovating and self-service solution exploration go hand in hand. Learn how Temenos can help bankers, developers, and ecosystem partners work together to rapidly prototype and explore API-enabled new offers.

Temenos Banking Cloud
– New Innovation and Collaboration Platform

Temenos continues to add to its SaaS capabilities, focusing now on new innovation and collaboration capabilities. Learn how innovation can be both faster and better, and operations more efficient and responsive, and how to engage with Temenos to join in this new advance.

The Temenos Banking Cloud
– Exploring the Ecosystem

The Temenos Banking Cloud enables you to fully leverage pre-integrated Temenos MarketPlace solution providers and to easily add your own ecosystem partners using the extensive APIs and the Extensibility Framework. Join this session to learn how this works and how to engage.

Create Best-In-Class Digital Customer Experience

Reinventing the Banking Experience

Joaquin De Valenzuela Muley, Business Line Director, Temenos Infinity

Prema Varadhan, Deputy Chief Product Officer, Temenos

Matt Terry, Product Director, Temenos

Hani Hagras, Chief Science Officer, Temenos

Kam Chana, Head of Infinity Innovation, Temenos

Rob Seaman, SVP & GM Financial Services, Salesforce Industries Guest Customer Speakers

For years the banking industry has put an enormous effort into digitalization to meet rising customer expectations and by now the new normal of banking is digital. What many financial institutions ask is how can you make already digitalized banking even better? Temenos believes that the answer is through making the banking experience more personalized, human, and empathetic. Main themes in this track include how to reinvent the 4 key pillars of the banking experience: starting from digital journeys, customer relationships, product offerings, and customer advice.

Digital Banking Platform Made Easy

Decades of digital banking evolution created complexity in bank’s IT landscape, which leads to inconsistent experiences, high maintenance cost and prevents innovation. Temenos Infinity Enterprise Edition is the most complete digital banking platform on the cloud that enables banks to launch business solutions at speed, lower operation costs and stay ahead of the competition. Watch this session to learn how to execute your digital strategy at your own pace.

Digital Banking Made Human
– Jim Marous, The Financial Brand

Named as one of the most influential people in banking, Jim Marous discusses the changes we’ve seen in customer behavior since the pandemic and presents great examples of digital engagement and gives advice to banks on how they can humanize their customer experience in a digital world. Joining him on our virtual stage, Chris Parker, Co-CEO of Partners Federal Credit Union, will talk about how the credit union that serves the Walt Disney Company has created ‘magical experiences’ for its members.

Build Human Banking Experiences with Infinity Micro Apps

Monolithic front-end applications prevent banks to keep up with changing customer needs and provide unique experiences for different customer segments. With Temenos Infinity Micro Apps banks can rapidly assemble tailored digital banking experiences, ideal for their business model, brand and customers. Attend this session to learn how to use Micro Apps to build human banking experiences for your customers.

Build A Future-Proof Bank With Front-to-Back Modernization

Innovating with Temenos Technology

The fast spread of digital banking technologies left banks with a complex architecture, data and services are fragmented through systems preventing innovation and increasing cost.

Microservices is a revolutionary technology that is underpinning the Temenos technology platform and architecture, including Transact and Infinity.

Launching domain specific microservices in the back and front office enables banks to :

Deploy changes faster

Scale granularly

Innovate without limits and progressively renovate their existing systems.

The Future of Challenger Banks

Challenger banks have been delivering innovation to the banking industry since digitization started to accelerate in recent years. Different approaches have emerged, some more successful than others, but a consensus has arisen that success is built on being digital-first and entirely focused on the needs of identified customer segments – with results being driven by speed and innovation. Join this session to learn what the future may hold for innovative banks in this exciting sector.

Break the Boundaries of SME Banking

SME banking is lagging behind true digitalization. Temenos, Canadian Western Bank and Deloitte have a bold vision to change that and break the boundaries of traditional banking. Temenos VCOO is an AI-driven growth engine for business owners that provides smart financial advice and enables funding innovation. Banks can go beyond banking, offer value added services to customers with Temenos Marketplace providers and become trusted partners for SMEs. Watch to learn how we are enabling banks to put ambition, control and confidence back into the hands of SMEs.

Meet Our Changemakers

Temenos is working with visionary Changemakers to reinvent and shape the future of banking.

Making banking better, together.


Changemakers are leaders, pioneers and risk-takers who believe in changing the landscape by leveraging the power of technology. They unleash the power of the Temenos technology to imagine, create and deliver outstanding banking experiences to more than 1.2 billion people across the world.

Varo Bank

Varo Bank is the first consumer fintech granted a national bank charter in the US. Powered by Temenos technology, Varo provides innovative digital banking services aimed at the 180 million Americans currently underserved by the traditional system with a mission to improve the financial lives of its customers.


Flowe is an environmentally-friendly Italian challenger bank, launched to meet the needs of younger retail banking customers who desire ethical and innovative digital banking. With Temenos SaaS technology, Flowe went live in just 5 months and onboarded over 15,000 customers in its first week.

Al Rajhi Bank

Al Rajhi Bank is the Saudi Arabian market leader with combined assets of over $90 billion and a customer base of more than 18 million. To continue to thrive in the new banking landscape, Al Rajhi Bank transformed its banking platform with Temenos, to continue its expansion across the Middle-East in line with local rules, and launch new locations in just 4 to 6 months.

ABN Amro

The banking group, one of the largest in the Netherlands is accelerating the speed of innovation within the Investment and Corporate Banking division. ABN Amro is using Temenos Continuous Deployment to code in the morning and deploy in the afternoon, bringing business change more rapidly and securely to market.

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