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Temenos DataSource

Temenos DataSource is a web-enabled solution that automatically optimises the quality of your reference data for financial instruments, including issuer, corporate actions, prices and static data.

It eliminates duplication errors, enhances productivity, reduces operating costs, ensures consistency and improves client service performance. The flexibility provided by its high-performance rules engine and data model allows it to keep up with the fast pace of regulatory change.

Based on an advanced rules engine, DataSource consolidates and validates data from all sources – including from external international and local data providers - and dispatches it exactly where you need it, when you need it – first time, every time.

Using a metadata model, DataSource aligns data across market information (issuer, prices, events, static, compliance, rating and risk management data), static asset data (such as real estate, paintings and cars) and own-issued securities.

DataSource delivers:

  • Reduced cost & risk via increased data quality and straight-through-processing rate
  • Pre-configured business modules
  • Automated improvement of data quality
  • Scalable architecture for fast processing of high volumes
  • Flexibility to adapt to regulatory changes
  • Full multi-company support for multiple source and target systems
  • In-build interfaces to Temenos products


Key functionality:

  • Powerful data mapping, and automated validation and enrichment
  • Data coverage: issuers, institutions, markets, static, corporate actions, price, regulatory
  • Administration 'cockpit' for centralised and effective exception management
  • Standard adapters to key data vendors
  • Pre-configured business modules
  • Automated processing for the opening of new financial instruments

DataSource fact sheet

Temenos DataSource is a web-enabled enterprise data management solution that automatically optimizes the quality of your financial instrument master data.  This includes instrument static data, issuer data, corporate actions and prices.

Business benefits:

  • Improved business alignment and effectiveness by delivering the right data to the right place at the right time in the right format
  • Reduced business and compliance costs & risk by increasing data quality and STP rate
  • Central element to support the streamlining and automation of  banking processes with consolidated data management
  • Centralized auditing and monitoring
  • Flexibility to adapt to regulatory changes
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Technology benefits:

  • Multiple in-built data adapters for imports, exports and reporting
  • Embedded easy-to-use high-performance rules engine
  • Flexible and user-friendly configurability of data model, rules engine and GUIs by user
  • Full multi-company support for multiple source and target systems
  • Scalable state-of-the-art architecture (incl. JEE, SOA) for fast processing of high volumes
  • Embedded interfaces to Temenos products