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Temenos T24 aligned with Oracle technologies presents financial institutions with a modern core banking system that allows the bank to build an application infrastructure that does what it needs today, while providing the flexibility needed to respond to whatever tomorrow brings.

Markets change rapidly and financial institutions need to be in a position to respond to this change by using adaptive technologies.

Oracle and Temenos offer well integrated, complementary product sets which give financial institutions the tools they need to compete and prosper in an increasingly difficult landscape.

Temenos T24 supports and runs on Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Weblogic Server 12c, Oracle VM 3.2, Oracle Linux 6, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud. Temenos T24 is also Optimised to run on Exadata and Exalogic machines.

Temenos 24 is truly the perfect match when aligned with Oracle technology, coupled with the knowledge of today’s financial business that provides uncompromising flexibility, scalability and longevity of your financial system.